And he revived

Maybe miracles still happen ... Whatever was said, but in the world happens to so many different events, which can not explain the great minds that unwittingly come to this conclusion. That is the story, and now I want to tell you ...

David and Kate Ogg after three years of marriage finally learned that they have a baby. By the great happiness of parents it turned out that they are expecting twins. Lovers have prepared a room for future children and otherwise prepared for the great day. But Kate gave birth prematurely, after only 26 weeks. Deliveries were very difficult both for the mother and for the babies ...

Kate says: « After birth, the doctor came to us and asked us if we were given the name of the boy. We told the doctor that his name is Jamie. Doctor ruefully looked at us and said: "Excuse me, but Jamie did not work ... we lost him ..." David knees buckled, and I asked the doctor to give me hold Jamie. I said that if it is our last second, we have to hold them together. I brought the baby. He was very cold. I put it up so that he could hear my heart beating, and asked David, so he took off his shirt and wrapped Jamie. We began to tell the kid that we have a lot of plans on his account. What does he have a little sister, Emily, for which he must look. And much more ... All of a sudden the baby move, then took a breath and exhale, and then took his tiny pen of David's finger ... He came to life ... » i>

Now Jamie and Emily live and rejoice in the fact that now they have a younger brother. Doctors have not been able to give a logical explanation for this occasion. And whether it is necessary? Personally, I think that such stories should be as much as possible, and let no one finds no explanation as to how they occur. Let the people believe in miracles! If you agree with me, then tell this story to your friends.

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