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Love leaves as suddenly as it came. Today, you're happy and you want to shout from an overabundance of feelings, and tomorrow you understand that feeling faded and the best solution - not to torture yourself and a loved one and simply walk away. It is difficult to understand who is right and who is wrong, but one thing is clear: you are likely to lift a finger does not hit to strengthen your relationship.

Therefore, do not make hasty decisions rashly - try to make a spark that once glowed with love and passion. It turns out that candy-flower period happens in marriage. It is unmistakably 11 effective techniques that will make your senses ablaze former passion. Be sure to take note!

1. Create in his bedroom a special romantic atmosphere. There are no toys!

2. Follow the rule of "no urgent matters after 20:00." During the day, talking about everything: about the bank account of the utility bills, about children, pets, and even about the work, but after 20:00 - not a word about it. Allow yourself to just enjoy each other's company.

3. At least once a week, take a shower together. Overnight, everything is asleep, the children see the tenth dream, why not take a moment ?!

4. Invite each other on a date or arrange a romantic dinner. Take the glasses, pour them wine, light the candles, cook something such. You are, after all, deserve it!

5. Give yourself a break. Rest of each other. You are one, but at the same time each of you - a full-fledged personality. You'll see, it will only do you good. You'll miss a loved one, and in the future, you will have more topics to talk.

6. Please send once a month to the grandmother of the child or remove the room in a luxury hotel.

7. Surprise each other. Make a surprise not only for Valentine's Day. Try to re-live what you feel during your first meeting.

8. Often get out somewhere with friends. Rest of the children and communicate with new people.

9. Laugh. You may ask: "What's in this complex?" However, over the mountain of problems and the daily routine, we sometimes difficult to find a reason to smile. Smile, have fun - it brings!

10. Try something new. Be open to fresh influences. Do not let your relationship become covered with mold. Grow and develop together.

11. Take breaks. It's just, let him take a bath, and you, for example, put the baby to sleep. Let each one of you is a personal time and space.

These golden rules are really working - check! Do your friends, problems in family life? Share these tips with them and help them to awaken the old feeling.

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