This universal favorite was nearly lost fans! The most unsuccessful works of famous actors.

Being a well-known actor is not so easy. Not everyone can be always in sight. In addition to constantly raise the bar, to the love of the fans is not quenched. And not always talking about talent and skill.

Sometimes only one role in a less successful film can mislead glory. These Russian and foreign movie stars nearly lost glory because of this bitter experience. Back on the screens was not all.

Eddie Murphy's "The Adventures of Pluto Nash»

Films with the participation of the controversial and beloved comedian and master of stand-up genre has always had great box office. But the picture "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" changed the situation. With a budget of 120 million dollars, but the cashier just 7 million painting was doomed to failure. Tarnished reputation and another project - the film "A Thousand Words". It is strange that an eloquent and shocking Eddie agreed to the role only 1000 words.

Geena Davis "Cutthroat Island»

The well-known American actress, "woman president" from the same series is also a sad experience. Film Finnish director Renny Harlin is one of the failures of films at the box office in the history of cinema amerikanskoggo ($ 11 million fee with a budget of almost 100 million). That has not stopped the actress, but a great movie is already strong success did not bring.

Kevin Costner, "Water World»

Despite the exciting plot and a huge budget, the picture did not impress the audience. But the talented actor was also a producer and director of the film! The failure at the box office has brought serious losses. Fortunately, over time, the actor was able to again raise your ranking.

Mike Myers' Love Guru »

We know him as Austin Powers, his voice talking Shrek. But after the film "Sex Guru" of the actor forgot. That's how bad role antipremiyu "Golden Raspberry" can put an end to his career.

Brandon Routh, "Superman Returns»

How many have survived superhero adaptations, but this time failed to shine Superman. Criticism rained down even before the movie. After all, as a young and inexperienced actor can play a superhero? The film flopped, and Root had a long time to make a name for himself.

Halle Berry's "Catwoman»

"Catwoman" - an amateur film. After all, Hollywood star Halle Berry all his talent in it did not disclose. Several years had to wait for her return to the great movie. But it should be noted that the latex garment heroic cat attracted many male eyes.

Chris O'Donnell "Batman & Robin»

Career Chris O'Donnell just confidently moved up to the role of Robin. Even fans of the superhero Batman will agree that the film turned out too "toy." One of the worst films of Man - bat left a dark spot on the stars acting experience.

Hayden Christensen, "Star Wars. Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith »

Heidi Christensen really lucky. He played in the famous franchise about Star Wars and right of the top five. However, his success was small, and acting work is almost over.

Cube Gooding Jr. "Sea Adventure»

Until 2002, the famous actor received more than 20 million per film, but this reel of film destroyed everything. Romantic and funny comedy put an end to the Gooding in cinema.

And what can you say about Russian cinema. It is not so successful films have influenced the destiny of our artists?

Anna Semenovich "Hitler Kaput»

As for the singer, Anna Semenovich was big enough kinoopyt. But let's be honest: all her movies failing, and the role of the same type. And after the "masterpiece" "Hitler Kaput" blond beauty in the film industry or foot.

Vladimir Mashkov "Edge»

The greatest actor Vladimir Mashkov encouraged his talent. Unfortunately, his career was falling. The film "The Edge" flopped at the box office. That did not stop the actor, although new projects were modest.

Sergei Bezrukov "Gentlemen, good luck!»

Success rare remakes and remakes of legendary Soviet films somehow did not work out. Fans have not forgiven Bezrukov smiley role in the movie "Gentlemen, good luck!».

Dmitry Sharakois "Prisoner of the Caucasus»

The film of the same category, "Do not touch Soviet classics!". Everyone's favorite Levin this Shurik did not, for which he paid already deserved glory.


This year he published another remake of a classic. Already portend failure that can affect the careers of performers. For the fans - for a unique film.

Of course, tastes differ. We love our heroes, even after failed projects. And the failure - it is a subjective thing. We believe in your favorite artists and wish them only successful roles.

And what movies have disappointed you and your friends? Share to learn!

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