30 animals whose behavior damn similar to humans. Here the resemblance!

According to numerous observations of owners of our little pets all the years of living together side by side with a man adopt habits of their owners and are pretty darn similar to them. You wonder: like an animal which, in fact, lives instincts and look into the eyes - as an intelligent person. Only here I can not say anything. But we, cat owner and dog lovers know that the mind of our four-legged friends, though not perfectly, so just poluvzglyada.

30 It is incredibly similar to us hvostatikov who know the whole range of human emotions. And they say that animals are incapable of deep feelings!

This I cling to the last possibility in a clothing store.

This I want to handle.

It is too early, I do not want to utrechkom get out of their cushy beds and myagenkoy.

That I can not forgive such a betrayal.

This I touched your marriage proposal.

It's just like I'm out Aphrodite from the sea foam.

This I want to be alone with his lover.

This is me when I'm lonely.

This is me shove his nose into other people's business.

This I watch your night raids on the refrigerator.

This is me when I was kicked in the ass will not drive.

This is me as a stubborn sheep.

I can see the goal and see no obstacles.

Mother ama crime.

This I want you pobesit.

This is me running to my mother to ask if she had brought from the store-button lint.

This is me thinking about the meaning of life.

It's crazy, I miss you like.

This I am ready to tear apart their friends for what they did not say that I have all my teeth were poppy.

This, I decided to be absent from school, and my mother came home from work ahead of time.

This is me eager to be closer to you.

This is me chudnenko currently resting.

This I put on socks, not to catch a cold.

This is me trying to stand out from the crowd.

This, I decided to take a refreshing dip in the summer heat of the day.

This is me - the embodiment of treachery and perfidy.

This fall, I will tear, Morgan vykoli.

This is me, when the whole day writing a thesis and not kept it.

This, I decided to lie in a home clothes.

The evil you ... I'm leaving you.

Incredibly, how they look at us! I hope we have managed to dispel all your preconceptions about the intelligence and emotions of animals. These pussies can still have a lot to teach us. Share this fun collection of his friends.

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