Wladimir Klitschko outraged and very dangerous

At a press conference in London on the appointment of 20 June fight David Haye appeared to the audience in a T-shirt on which was painted by David himself standing in a pose of the winner on the bloody ring over the decapitated bodies of the Klitschko brothers, the head of which he held in his hands. This time, patience is exhausted, even with Vladimir, who had previously perceived enemy antics calmer than his older brother Vitali. He described the behavior of the British shameful and unsportsmanlike and vowed to punish David Haye for it in the ring.

 - When he tried to get this fight, the picture with my decapitated body was certainly a blow below the belt, but I swallowed it, - said Klitschko. - But now I can not understand why he keeps these antics. I can not admit it acceptable. It goes beyond all limits. This is not a sport. Listen to what I say. He will be punished. Twelve rounds I will turn his face into a pizza, and then I will knock him out. He will pay for this pain in the ring, and after the fight at the press conference I remind him of his words, and he will take all that back and apologize. I'm not going to expend energy on offense. This is shameful. This casts a shadow on the entire sport.


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