Star Called Sun ... 19 powerful quotations uncompromising Viktor Tsoi.

People like Victor R. Choi, born once in a century, and suddenly go off like stars in the night sky. But the memory of their lives as long as the star called the sun. Choi was the person who, contrary to public opinion, go ahead. He was not afraid to express their opinion, which is often different from that enjoyed power. There is hardly a sane person who thinks his sudden death a coincidence. It is not difficult to predict what position he held to Viktor Tsoi, had lived in our time with you, and what would have been his fate. Such strong personalities are afraid of them so simply disposed of. As Stalin said, no man - no problem.

This powerful 19 Viktor Tsoi quotes that make you reflect on your life. Everything is simple, but incredibly important. Not for nothing is said that geniuses and talented people in some way the prophets and thinking for decades to come ...

2. I am a free man because I'm always doing what I like and do not do what you do not want. B>

3. My soul - my songs. And I live in the hope of a better time. B>

5. I meant a change of consciousness liberation from all sorts of dogmas from the stereotype of a small, worthless person indifferent, constantly looked "up". Changes in consciousness I was waiting, and there are no specific laws, decrees, addresses, plenary sessions, convention. B>

6. Music should include everything: it should, when necessary, to make people laugh, when necessary, to have fun, and when necessary, and make believe. Music should not only urge to go to smash the Winter Palace. It should listen to. B>

8. I do not regret anything. I always answer for their actions. For me it is important to do, so I was interested to live. The rest does not interest me. B>

9. You could be a hero, but there was no reason to be. You could die if I knew what to die. B>

11. I believe that the people living on the planet, not the state. B>

12. Everyone says that we are together! All told, but not many people know in what. B>

14. We waited for the next day,
Each day we are waiting for tomorrow. B>

15. Try to escape from the rain, if it is inside. B>

17. Outside, rain, but I do not believe in it. B>

18. Everyone should do something that would distinguish it from the others. B>

His songs - is the voice of the past and future generations. I do not like loud phrases, but words Tsoi today clearly imprinted in the hearts of millions of people. Share these strong quotes to your friends, mark with a great man.

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