The task that can be calculated in two accounts, whether you go to explore ...

Surely you have often heard the expression "with at least a reconnaissance." When the person says so, it usually means that it is possible with peace of mind to rely on any, even the most difficult situation that he is friends with the logic and has, in general, works rather well savvy.

This clever little problem in the two accounts will calculate whether you go to investigate. Interest for advice to pass this test on resourcefulness everyone. Risknesh? It was not, I'll try. Come what may!

Take a good look at this picture and answer the following questions:

1. How long before the new moon?

2. As soon as night falls?

3. What time is shown in the figure?

4. In which direction the river flows?

5. There are any ships on it?

6. How fast moving train?

7. How long have passed the previous train here?

8. How long will the car go along the railway?

9. What should be the driver to prepare?

10. Is there somewhere near the place the bridge?

11. Is there a nearby airfield?

12. Is it easy to slow down passing trains machinists part?

13. Is the wind blowing?


1. A little, because a month old (see his reflection in the water).

2. Not soon. Old month is seen at dawn.

3. Autumn. The position of the sun can be calculated that the cranes fly south.

4. flowing rivers in the Northern Hemisphere, the steep right bank. So the river flows away to the horizon.

5. Yes, this river is navigable. Visible buoys.

6. A train is. Lit the lower eye of a traffic light that is red.

7. recently. It is now near the locking section.

8. A road sign indicates that the front of the railway crossing.

9. braking. Traffic sign shows steep slope ahead.

10. Rather, that is. It is necessary to sign a binding driver closed ash pit.

11. The sky was a trace of the plane, make a loop. Aerobatics allowed to make only a short walk from the airport.

12. A sign near the railway line indicates that passing trains have to climb up the slope. It would be easy to brake.

13. Duet. Smoke spreads locomotive, and after the train as far as we know, is stationary.

I will not prevaricate, I was given the difficult task. What are your results? Your friends probably would also be interesting to test your mind. Share them with this test.

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