Photogenic? No, I have not! 17 of the funniest and unsuccessful shots kids.

They say there are no ugly babies, but these crumbs prove otherwise. Photographing children - incredibly ungrateful. They now and then want to run somewhere, play and jump. Small pranksters hardly sit still. Sometimes kids can face such Scorch, which would have envied even professional actors.

Therefore, in order to get a standing frame, the photographer need to spend a lot of time and make almost Herculean effort. If you can at least removed one of the 100 lucky shot - I think that you are lucky. But do not worry, you will be as many as 99 blurred photos to set the mood.

It's 17 funniest and unsuccessful photos kids. It seems these guys are not friends with the photogenic, because they are in the pictures turned out, to put it mildly, not very ...

bulging eyes

Well, blessed, now you can sleep!

Universal grief

Go see who will be the boss.

In this image can not watch without a smile!

I feel it will not see Santa Claus as his own things.

How disgusting it is your "Little Red Riding Hood».

What is the meaning of life?

Here you all!

Phi, I'm not happy ...

I just grinned while watching this hilarious Photo Selections. Remember your children's album. Certainly there also exists a couple of bad shots that adorned the entire album. Show us their comments and share these funny footage with his comrades.

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