7 most unfortunate interview questions

Each of us are in search of good robots ever be interviewed in a desired job or a job, so to speak, of his dreams. ruin his own career by asking a few questions unsuccessful HR Specialist - easy! MAXIM magazine published the 7 most unfortunate issues.

- What are you doing?

Even if the next two o'clock scheduled five interviews, it would be better to find out in advance what lies behind the mysterious letters CHPBOYUL "ZABSKOT." Otherwise, you will easily be suspected in the absence of a genuine interest in the job and trying to get on the first available spot with a nice salary.

- When can I go on vacation?

Labor Code suggests that this happy event will happen no earlier than six months after recruitment. And then stipulates: by agreement of the parties leave may be granted until the expiration of this period. Reaching this agreement itself better to postpone: Questions about the rest, given another interview, could jeopardize a professional fervor and enthusiasm of the applicant.

- When you raise my salary?

The main task during the interview - make a good impression and get the employer to believe what you will benefit the company. Demand higher wages will then showing all around his definitive competence.

- Your secretary married?

Employers rarely approve of personal relationships between employees. Besides, you made it clear that he is ready heartily entertained during working hours, but to build complex graphics for some reason you do not want. Became acquainted after the interview!

- Excellent nose! Where did the plastic?

Stop-stop-stop! Immediacy, of course, play into the hands when you will occupy a strong position in the working team and his chair. Up to this point, try to keep yourself within the professional etiquette.

- It seems that the head of the department, and not thirty. Enough, perhaps, experience, right?

Oh, we understand the way you think! You decided to immediately determine which camp primknesh - fans unhappy with management or schedule vacations office opposition. But in the interview to demonstrate dissatisfaction with colleagues or with the way things work in the company - a recipe for unemployment benefits. Even if the interviewer with all his soul hates the boss, he is unlikely to be pleased with your willingness to go to optimize personnel structure. So do not be expanded until all the cards - just show that you are suitable for the office to which sobesedueshsya.

- These scratches ... You have a cat or was a good night?

Excellent powers of deduction! And the attempt to find common interests (in this case - the animals) - good. But oiled final negates everything will be better, if your colleagues will appreciate the sharp humor later.


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