Tablets Ainol: choose your gadget

Tablets are the most fashionable gadgets worldwide. Each person is always at hand a multifunctional gadget. These unique devices with small dimensions can accommodate a memory, the processor and the screw. Every year on the market, new plates, one better than another. Why do people so quickly dismantle them? Features Tablet:
  • The small size;
  • The price is much cheaper tablet computers and laptops;
  • Versatility. The tablet can be used as a book or watching videos;
  • Resistant to falls and mechanical stress;
  • Mobility. They can take the meeting, on a trip to the university. < / a> and note the size and screen resolution, operating system and the function of 3G. If you decide to buy a tablet for watching movies and games, then buy a tablet on the basis of Windows. Here it is necessary to focus on the number of processor cores and memory. The more these two indicators, the faster your movies and games will load. Tablets Ainol - high-performance, high-quality image for the nice price offer to your attention a company Ainol, which previously produced, portable media players, and today was the best produce tablets based on the Android OS, and joined the ranks of the store The plates were different the highest resolution screen, making pictures mirror clean. All the models that are present on the market have a wireless network, wi-fi, Bluetooth, memory card slot, touch screen. Pay attention to the quality of the screen, because it affects your overall impression of the gadget. The clarity of the image depends on the resolution of the matrix. The higher the resolution, the brighter, more saturated image. There are different types of matrix:
    • TN - simple version, which has a wide angle of visibility and good color reproduction;
    • IPS has excellent viewing angles and normal color reproduction;
    • Amoled - is the highest viewing angles, deep black.


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