You know how the connection was established employees of the Paralympic Games?

The prototype tablet for communications operatives Paralympics i>

Previously everything was done radios - cheap, cheerful and not very effective. Now IT has come and in sports, and in addition the portal donating all the results of the competition to the nearest second, there were modern forms of communication.

Paralympics - probably one of the most interesting examples of how to make remote workplaces for employees of different organizations. We have developed a hardware and software system consisting of software in the "cloud CRIC" special shell for tablets and devices from a reputable manufacturer, under the modified task.

Mobile employees took Tablet and went to the site of the competition. They can be found in the stadium, on the track, the Little Ice Arena, and so on. Staff headquarters are located in the three Paralympic village and work remotely from each other. And still had our support, able to remotely configure the tablet and solve problems.

Common sense h4>
Objectives were: to provide an organization of communications between employees Paralympic Committee, responsible for media relations, analyst, coordination games and so on. Thus, the selected group of coaches of national teams of Russia, servismenov (responsible for the preparation of sports equipment), analysts, coordinators and health workers have been use the tablets with a special software on board, is directly in the competition venues. Staff Staff used desktops or laptops and a browser client. Coordination included continuous monitoring of the flow of information from all sites of the Games, setting objectives, people search on the map and organization of communication with them.

ON h4>

MS Lync - Video Communication between operational officers and staff officers. View information about the weather conditions. Operational summary of the results of the Games is compiled on the fly: publishing and viewing information on the results of the Russian national team performances, publication and view information about the results of speech rivals view the information on the total medal standings. SMS-sending for the different groups of users, browsing history, managing distribution groups. < file sharing (mostly - photos and videos of the reports on the implementation of the tasks). View information about the whereabouts of operatives. Management (Administration) and accounting tablets within event.

From the Manual i>

Architecture h4>

The shell and the client h4>
About the web portal for headquarters staff here will not tell. Dwell on plates. They had a closed platform, so almost everything had to be done through the application running with the platform through a typical API Android. We wrote it all from scratch specifically for the Games.

The project went uncharacteristically, there was very little time, and in the process of realization came clarify TK, often requiring new functionality. We usually work by first evaluating the entire project and prototipiruya final result (so that it is possible to visualize), and only then just go through the steps to him. It also had to roll out the release every week, updating the system functions - data on the use of devices at the Games came on the fly. Besides we usually have the task of mobilizing the employees of the customer lies in a broader plane, for example, it was necessary to put the device in 2000 for a major retailer or 5000 devices for the mining company. There's full integration - with their CRM, ERP, security, Signage and multiple data sources. And here, in fact, the system is closed only on themselves, so the changes are relatively easy to make. By our standards, the project is quite short.

People Search i>

Weather Forecast and medal standings i>

Of surprises had to "pack" the plates in special cases to work on the street, to protect a special film, and then the cold, rain and gloves. And yet it took the stylus as gloves work was difficult.

All this provided us Paralympic Committee for charitable purposes. Plates themselves are not sharpened at one event only, so they can in principle be used for any needs of staff Committee. Accordingly, their continued use will be determined by them, may put the application under other tasks, probably - use it as a universal plates.

About h4>
In general I can say that the problems of this class are rare. Usually we have a hardware platform with which you can work directly, rather than through a layer of Android (we, for example, put one of the * nix-making, appropriate to domestic security criteria). Themselves are sometimes device is essentially a set of sensors and a communication unit, - the terminals are needed to collect information and use customer.

Most often, it is about the data of GPS / GLONASS to determine geopozitsii cameras for fixing the staff member works and all kinds of special enterprise applications. As an example - the same access to the database of stolen cars: DPS officer away from the city can drive a number and get information on it. Complexity, respectively, are no longer in the finalization of hardware and software, and integration of data processing on the side of the "cloud" and sharing. Sometimes - in the field of certification of such devices.

And finally - we implemented a feature, with which you can easily and simply to inform about different events media representatives, and all at once. This has significantly changed the process of working staffs, they created a group in SMS-sending and broadcast important events there. From sports result to obtain a journalist SMS - only 30 seconds. Similarly, the data left on special press briefing on the results of a competition. For comparison, the previous games had to put a few people who all just phoned. And when you have to ring up to 200-300 journalists, it takes a lot of time.



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