Untilled music market in Rwanda. Chumachechaya spring, and other Leps

I live in Rwanda. We have a driver in the office from local citizens named Gilbert (we've got all the local workers'm extremely impressively - Jerome, Emmanuel, Jean Paul and other Jany Didier). So this Gilbert copied to your phone, the accountant several vending him songs.

His favorite track is certainly the song "Chumachechaya Spring", which takes, if I'm not mistaken some Potap and Nastya Kamensky. This song is on his call. In addition, he said, "chumachechuyu spring" in his district rewrote 20 times (well, if I understand correctly, as my French and Russian are in their infancy, and fashionable nowadays among Rwandan esteblishmenta English Gilbert learn not bothered) . It says, the strings of the African soul And this song touches. The very first could be a hit. Sing along with him it just difficult.

Among other songs, occasionally wafting from his phone, I would point out such hits as "lavandos, lavandos, chicks, chicks, lavandos", "Alain will", "Pyryshki-pimples" and even something from Leps. But before the success of "Chumachey spring", they fall short. Gilbert also like almost all the songs of "VIA Gra", despite the fact that the photo vociferous singers he has not seen. Unfortunately, the accountant have changed, now Gilbert music library to fill up nowhere.

I recommend a number of domestic pop singers to look to Central African music market. Maybe wait a sudden deafening



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