Artificial Intelligence - is good or evil genie?

In the 21st century, mankind has made a huge leap in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is like the enthusiasm and concern. For example, Stephen Hawking warned:

This mind takes the initiative and will itself improve with increasing speed. The possibilities are limited human evolution is too slow, we can not compete with the speed of the car and lose blockquote> At the same time, Linus Torvalds has expressed more categorically:

This is out of science fiction. And we have to admit, not the best quality fiction. What preparations sit these people? Blockquote>
The programmer does not consider it possible to develop an artificial intelligence that really could enslave humanity. According to Torvalds, the most that are capable of such a system is already available in Google Now and Siri - voice recognition, text messages and images, data processing for simple instructions man. And he does not see the situation in which a dishwasher would make its owner to discuss with her the works of Sartre.

Most likely, the truth lies somewhere in between. Hawking makes the assumption that the AI ​​is non-stop and very quickly self-improvement, as Torvalds can not even imagine artificial intelligence media.

At present, it is assumed that the person is the sole bearer of intelligence. Of course, this gave people some advantages over animals, but has not made us omnipotent. Unknown to mankind examples of co-existence with other carriers of intelligence. It is possible that the AI ​​will join just a part of our society, and even kind, to join us on the grounds of reasonableness and not by biological features.
For example, a Japanese expert Hiroshi Ishiguro in robotics finds that between the robot endowed with intelligence and a man - no difference. As an example, he offers to think over the situation, when your body is gradually replaced by cyber-prosthetic devices. Stop you from it be you? And what will you be different from a robot that was originally created from metal and plastic?

Question-answer system.

Unfortunately, that before the AI ​​far enough. Modern science sees the first step towards artificial intelligence - the question-answer systems, such as Google Now and Siri, mentioned above. These programs can now quite sensibly answer the questions a person to serve as the personal secretary and help with the solution of simple everyday issues.
For example, the statement "Siri, I want to go to a Japanese restaurant with a romantic atmosphere after work» - Siri will return a list of restaurants close to the point stored as work, in the description of the review, or that have the phrase "romantic setting».

How do such systems?
BOC (question-answer system) analyzes the question, compares it with its own array of issues and selects the appropriate response.
For example, the statement "Siri, I want to go to a Japanese restaurant with a romantic atmosphere after work» - Siri will return a list of restaurants close to the point stored as work, in the description of the review, or that have the phrase "romantic setting».

BOC - there are general and specialized. Specialized systems answer the questions strictly on specific topics, general - should be able to find the answer to any question.
Now there are several question-answer systems are available for download:
Rearden Personal Assistant - personal assistant, who will help to plan business trips
ePythia - BOC-bound tasks are not at the time, and the place on the map. For example, a notice of the problem "Buy salt" will not at 19.00, but when you pass a grocery store.
Siri - BOC sewn in IOS, the personal secretary and assistant. The most developed at the moment and popular question-answering system.

And what in Russia?

In the fourth quarter 2015 will be released mobile app Hottabych , sign up for the beta test which can now.
"Hottabych - a genie who lives in your phone" - say its developers. This application will help the user to carry out any wish to order any product or service. It is noteworthy that, and pay for the goods or services can be immediately through Hottabych credit card.

Because developers Hottabych No 8, 5 million dollars and 20 years of research, like Siri, they decided to go the other way: the first time for about two years, will help customers live operators. All voice and text communication with the operators will benefit from logging, translated in a convenient format and analyzed. Based on the data, will be composed of question-answering system adapted directly under the domestic user has a peculiar sense of humor and flair.

Hottabych solution offers its users the most unusual issues and the implementation of "any desire, which is not contrary to common sense, the laws of physics, the level of development of modern science and the laws of the Russian Federation».

For example, Hottabych help you ride on flayborde or live elephant, or become a space tourist to find an employee to perform a particular task.

The main income of app developers are planning to receive from firms contractors who provide Hottabych quantity discounts and special offers. Just have Hottabych now has staff and all the necessary props for the organization of various events, services and advice.

It is noteworthy that Hottabych as Siri, will adapt to the user's application to study its habits, preferences, tastes and characteristics, and then transmit the information to the operator. For example, if you want to book a package or a taxi to the place where you are - you do not have to dictate the address, as if just once you reported to the operator that you are allergic to specific foods, this information will be taken into account when ordering your meal or rest abroad.
Contact the operator can be in three ways: text chat, call via IP-telephony and the usual call through sim-card, if for some reason you are not available online.

Join the beta testers Hottabych can now. To do this you need to go to link and leave contact information. Spam protection is guaranteed. You will have only three posts from Hottabych:
1. The beginning of the beta test
2. The launch of a large-scale competition from Hottabych. FREE Mobile Genie fulfill three wishes worth up to 100 thousand. Rubles each for the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
3. The launch of the application

Of course, beta testers will be able to rely on a variety of bonuses and privileges from mobile genie.
Perhaps in the future Hottabych will be one of the first domestic AI. We hope that the mobile genie Hottabych you enjoy.



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