The most magnificent butterfly in the world.

The most magnificent butterfly in the world ... Composed of 240 colored diamonds weighing 167 carats Aurora Butterfly of Peace (from the English. "Butterfly World") - the work of a life of its owner and keeper in one, Alan Bronstein, a New York expert on colored diamonds who has spent 12 years trying to pick up the stones for this unique composition.

A wide range of colors used and the accuracy of the location of gems indicate the complexity and sophistication of design winged ornaments. Bronstein carefully selected each gem and along with his mentor, Harry Rodman, stone by stone image of a butterfly collecting. Shining Butterfly absorbed diamonds from a variety of countries and continents - in her wings diamonds are found in Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Russia. Initially it consisted of butterfly and 60 diamonds, but later Bronstein and Rodman have decided to increase their number four, to create a complete, natural and bright image. Winged Jewel first appeared on the eyes of the public at the Museum of Natural History. "When we received the" butterfly "and I opened the box, which forwarded diamonds, my heart immediately beat faster and faster!" - Wrote Louise Gaillou, assistant superintendent of the museum, in his blog entry dedicated to Butterfly World. - "Yes, it's a real masterpiece! Honestly, it does not pass the photo. Everyone knows how great it looks, even a diamond itself. So imagine for a moment that in front of you as many as 240, and all the different colors. Yes, and they are arranged in the shape of a butterfly. It's incredible! "


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