It turned out that much less clever husband change his wife. Here's why ...

In today's world of polygamy - a very common phenomenon. Although it captures women leading position in this issue remains for the male population. It is believed that men's loyalty depends on the behavior of women in the family. Each of its attempt to "go to the left" is explained as "bad" or dissatisfaction with the behavior of his wife in family relations.

But experts from the London School of Economics refuted this stereotype. They conducted a study that established a link between the intellectual level of a man and his tendency to treason. It turned out that much less clever husband change his wife.

What caused such regularity?
British scientists say that a man with a high level of intelligence would not have mistresses on the side, because socially, monogamy - is the most effective and safest option relations between the partners. But to realize this fact can only intelligent representatives of the male population.

If you trace the history of evolution, we can see that the male is gradually replaced by monogamy, polygamy. The relationship with a woman considered to be the best and optimal model of intimate behavior. They relieve man from the necessity of constant search for a new partner, reduce stress levels, experiences and help keep the nervous system in good condition. Monogamy - a higher level of relations.

The American psychologist Michael Diamond has his own opinion on the issue, on which depends the faithfulness to men. He believes men monogamy or polygamy is formed in childhood. It all depends on the model of family relationships that boy watching at a young age. If his father did not burden themselves with conjugal fidelity, his son is unlikely in adult life for himself will take the principles of monogamy. If family relationships reigns love and devotion mother's father, then the son of the future will try to learn from this example in their family life.

Another British scientists have warned parents not to get involved babysitting service. If the boy as a child gets more attention from a nanny than his mother, then as an adult he has a desire to have a mistress. And all because a child had subconsciously stuck understanding that in addition to the official family relationship, there are stuffy feeling "on the side", which manifest themselves in the form of babysitting.

Being true to one partner - is not only fashionable, but also useful. Scientists from the University of Florence confirmed that fidelity promotes longevity, men and women.

Author - Svetlana Ahi


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