LESSONS FROM THE WISDOM 92 year old woman living in a nursing home

Amazing history and lessons of wisdom from the 92 year old woman. What he says this woman is amazing!

Not tall and rather fragile constitution Dona Maria Jill 92 years is not suitable for the average statistical representation of "old woman." Despite his rather advanced age, it is always elegant and well-groomed. Her every morning starts with a modest application of makeup, with obstacle becomes even her poor eyesight. Even in the morning it is difficult to see her uncombed and dressed somehow.

Today marked for her move to a nursing home. Not so long ago she lost her husband, with whom he lived for 70 years, and stayed all alone.

To see your new home she had to wait a long two hours. However, there are personnel from the staff, she met with a sweet smile. While meeting followed her to the elevator, she listened to his account of his new home, the environment and even the color of curtains in her small room.

- How do I love these curtains - she said with such sincerity that seemed greater happiness than what is happening around it and could not imagine.

- But let me, Dona Maria Gil - responded employee - we still have not come and you did not see anything.

- Oh, I assure you, it may have absolutely no value, - she said - we create happiness. No matter how my room would look like, I just had already decided that I loved her. Everything in our life depends on what we expect and how to prepare their expectations. I love the world around, and his life, and everything that surrounds me. With these thoughts, I wake up every morning.

- Everything depends on our perception of the world, - she said quietly - you can wake up in the morning and continue to lie in bed, complaining of ill parts of the body, who refuse to function correctly. And you can wake up with a feeling of gratitude to his body and those parts that are still working.

- This is it possible?

- Learn how to control your emotions is not so difficult to learn that everyone can. Personally, it took me about a year for the "training", but now I myself choose the mood, I can choose the direction of your thoughts and manage their feelings.

After a while, she continued:

- Every day for me as a welcome gift. As soon as my eyes open, I am glad of the new offensive. Together with the sunlight coming and all the happy moments that ever happened in my life. Just depends on our memory what our old age. Never too late to save his memory a little bit of happiness and joy. I still continue to enjoy life regardless of the circumstances, and if possible try not to complicate her bad thoughts and expectations. And so everyone can be happy, we need only a little bit to try to ...


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