BLOOD this man saved the lives of two million children

The incredible story of the ordinary at first glance, man.

When James Harrison was 13 years old, he suffered a serious surgery, during which was supposed to die from blood loss. But do not die because of the time to make transfusions. In total, during the operation he poured 13 liters of blood that saved his life.

As soon as he turned 18, and he has reached the required age to donate blood, he immediately came to the point of putting the blood of the Red Cross. There it was found out that the blood of James Harrison is unique in its kind, since its plasma contains specific antibodies that help you prevent Rhesus conflict pregnant mother to her fetus. Without these antibodies Rh conflict leads at least to anemia and jaundice child, maximum - to stillbirth.

When James was told that it was found in his blood, he asked only one question. He asked how often you can donate blood.

Since then, has for 60 years, every three weeks, James Harrison comes to a medical center near his home, and rents exactly 400 milliliters of blood. It is easy to calculate that by now he has passed about 377 liters of blood. Isolated from his blood antibodies was averted Rhesus conflict about two million pregnant women around the world, including the wife of Harrison. Two million women and as much, if not more, of their children, including a daughter of Harrison's alive and well here thanks to the friendly old man from Australia.

And I just want to look at the man, shake his hand and say thank you.


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