22 golden rules Business in Aramaic

Why money is so fond of the Jews? What are the secrets they have to attract a huge amount of money? And in general, whether there are any special secrets of wealth, it is inherent in the people?

In a small book "Business in Aramaic. 67 golden rules »
It provides a unique business rules by
the ancient sages of many years ago that are surprisingly
modern and relevant than ever for businesses of XXI century.

Surely, everyone faces in their lives with the question why so many successful entrepreneurs of the Jews - what they are doing and what they have to achieve this such success.

In all this hype a lot of Jewish stereotypes and not so much the facts. Let's start with the fact that the richest Jew is the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, and he's richest Forbes takes only 6th place. But in any case there is no smoke without fire. Attitude to money and business is enshrined in the Hebrew Scriptures, which for thousands of years and that is why the culture to preserve and increase the wealth of this nation is cultivated at all levels.

So maybe these are usually transmitted genetically from one generation of Jews to another, can create huge financial condition? This is not written in the textbooks on marketing, but the vast majority of the world's business elite observe the golden rule, which are set out in this book.

Kluber picked 22 most interesting business rules in Hebrew and the qualities that should cultivate every entrepreneur:

Let the property of your colleagues you will be as expensive as your own. In spite of that business partner, a Jew is one of the most decent. From my own experience and the experience of their loved ones, I can say that those Jews have faced life with great respect to the property and the relative success of my family
Do not waste time. Just think how much time we spend waiting in vain, transport, thoughtless prosizhivanie online - every minute is a gift, and this moment should be spent usefully. Yesterday I thought about all day and read this sentence several Hasidic parables on the subject. Therefore, next week will begin an experiment with your time
Stay away from the bad neighbor. Why such expensive accommodation in the heart ?! Because housing is 50% because of who your neighbor is. How better to start the day - to meet Vitali Klitschko in the elevator or depressed old woman with 10 cats ?!
Do not say anything if you have nothing to say
Work until the candle burns. If our candle (life, desire to work, the desire to create) is still burning can not stop - you need to go further
Let's money in difficult times. This investment in the future of man, the investment with the greatest return on invested capital
Always greet each person
Everyone deserves gratitude
They know that such wealth. This is the subject I will devote a whole post because he would like to determine for themselves what is wealth. At the moment, I believe that to be rich is to have a $ 5 million, but I liked the other variations on this theme - Jewish wisdom - "the one who is rich is happy that has»
Crouching time - a thief, as well as stealing money. I limited my contact with these people to a minimum. Maybe it's cruel, it may be bad, but time management is akin to managing billions
Pay employees on time
Do not say what you think
Sometimes you have to give more than enough if you really want to give enough
The employer must know how to live his worker
If someone wants to kill you, kill him first
Learn how to say - I need stepping through pride
Let your word, not an oath obliges you
Never insult other person
Plan your life
Reward yourself for good work
Refer all other cases
Look for balance in life


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