8 Quality educated man from Anton Chekhov

Russian classics more than 100 years ago, I wrote a letter to his brother, a talented artist, but flabby

Anton Chekhov, knowing the weakness of his brother, and always worried about him, frustrated because disregard for Nicholas to his gift. He wrote: "The strong Russian talent is dying, dying for nothing." And, of course, I tried to reason with him, explaining that he makes the mistake of living similar lives. In one of his letters to his brother, he is pretty tough form of once again pointed to the terrible nature of his lifestyle and naplevatelstvo to yourself educated about the qualities of the person.

He left an emotional, frank letter, which certainly need to read and to us. Of course, we can not be independent, to vegetate in bug-infested, but the whole lot of us, like Nicholas I, wallow in self-pity, belittle the talents and stand in a pose "no one understands me." While doing worse and myself know people who care.

Be sure to read this letter to Chekhov's brother Nikolai. Great classic of our literature is able to teach you more.

MOSCOW, 1886.

You often complained to me that you "do not understand!". On this even Goethe and Newton did not complain ... He complained only Christ, but he was not talking about his "I", and of his teaching ... You perfectly understand ... If you do not understand myself, it is not the fault of others ...

I assure you that, as a brother and a close person to you, I understand you and heartily sympathize with you ... all your good qualities, I know, like the five fingers, I appreciate them and treat them with the deepest respect. I am, if you want to prove that I understand you, I can not even list these qualities. In my opinion, you are kind to the rag, generous, not selfish, you share the last penny, sincere; you're a stranger to envy and hatred, naive, sorry for people and animals, not Yechida, forgiving, trusting ... You have gifted over the fact that no other: you have talent. This talent puts you above the millions of people on the earth: for one artist alone account for two million ...

Talent puts you in a special position: whether you're a toad or a tarantula, and even then would be respected, because the talent is forgiven everything. The disadvantage is you have only one. It is false and your soil, and your grief and your catarrh of the intestines. This is - your extreme bad manners. Excuse me, but veritas magis amicitiae ... The fact is that life has its own conditions ... To feel at ease in an intellectual environment not to be among the most strange and it is not weighed down by it, need to be brought up in a known manner ... The talent has brought you in this environment, you belong to it, but ... you pull on it, and you have to balance between the public and cultural tenants vis-a-vis. It affects the flesh of middle-class, who grew up on the rod, at reynskovogo cellar on handouts. Win it difficult terribly difficult.

Quality educated man
Educated people, in my opinion, should meet the following conditions:

They respect the human person, and therefore always indulgent, soft, gentle, compliant ... They do not riot over a hammer or missing gum; living with someone, they do not do this favor, and go, do not say you can not live! They forgive the noise, cold and overcooked meat, and severity, and the presence of outsiders in their housing ...
They are not compassionate to the poor alone and cats. They are sick and soul of what we do not see with the naked eye ...
They respect other people's property, and therefore pay the debts.
They are afraid of lies and candid like the plague. Do not lie to them even in trifles. Lies offensive to the listener and debases the speaker in his eyes. They are not drawn, keep themselves in the street as well as at home, do not let dust into the eyes of smaller brothers ... They are not talkative and did not climb to the revelation, when they do not ask ... Out of respect for other people's ears, they are often silent.
They do not destroy themselves with a view to bring in another sympathy and help. They do not play on the strings of other people's souls, that in response to his sighs and nursed them. They do not say: I do not understand! ..
They are not vain. They do not take such rhinestones as acquaintance with celebrities, delight in counter Salon'e, a tavern known for ...
If they have the talent, they respect him. They sacrifice for him peace, women, wine, vanity ...
They cultivate aesthetic. They can not sleep in the clothes seen on the wall of the slot with bedbugs, cheesy air to breathe, to walk on the surface of the spit upon, fed from kerosene lamps. Brought up in this regard is not cuisine. They need a woman is not a bed, do not sweat the horse, not the mind, which is expressed in the ability to cheat and lie to the false pregnancy ... He tirelessly, Especially artists need the freshness, elegance, humanity ... They do not casually crack .... not sniff cabinets for they know that they are not pigs. They drink only when available, on occasion they need ... For mens sana in corpore sano.
Etc. These are educated ... to raise and not be lower than the level of the medium, which was not enough to read only Pickwick and memorize a monologue from Faust. It is not enough to sit on a cab and go to Yakimanka to a week to get away from there ...

There needs continuous day and night work, eternal reading shtudirovka, will ... Here, every hour ... Trips to Yakimanka and back will not help. We must boldly spit and jerk sharply ... Come to us, break carafe ... and go to read ... even Turgenev, whom you have not read ... "


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