23 BEST QUOTES Strugatsky brothers

Quotes Strugatsky, who will teach you to think beyond

Most popular in the literature brothers - Boris and Arkady Strugatsky - not only just writers and science fiction, and not even just pets million. Their stories about the future of the world and of man to become a part of many lives. Strugatsky answer the eternal questions - how to find yourself, do not get lost in this vast world and make the right choice.

The best quotes Strugatsky, who will teach you to think more broadly:

Eighty-three percent of all days of the year begin the same way: the alarm clock rings. ~ Monday begins on Saturday
For weeks on a per capita spend vulgar chatter with all scum, and when you meet this person, do not have time to talk. ~ It's hard to be a god
That's right: a person needs money in order to never think about them. ~ Roadside Picnic
It's amazing how fast the waves are a delight. Gnaw yourself bite itself compel and itch can be hours and days, and delight comes and then goes away. ~ Hotel "Dead MountaineerĀ»
But it can not be so among thousands of roads not found the right! ~ Desire strange
If the name of the ideal man has to do meanness, the price of this ideal - the shit. ~ Prey items century
Wolf says her cubs: "Bite, as I," and that's enough, and teaches zaychiha leverets "run away, as I," and this is also enough, but the man-cub learns something: "I think I", and this is crime. ~ The Ugly Swans
Why not shut up when everything is clear without words? ~ Roadside Picnic
Twenty times better to err on the person than suspicious of everyone. ~ Interns
And what makes sense to buy a car to drive on the pavement? Where the asphalt, nothing interesting, and where interesting, there is no asphalt. ~ Monday begins on Saturday
Everyone in something so genius. It is necessary only to find it is ingenious. ~ Snail on the slope
Amazing, the way the thing: no matter how you come - the bartenders always wipe glasses, as if they depended on the salvation of souls. ~ Roadside Picnic
Fantasia - a priceless thing, but you can not give her way inside. Just outside, only outside. ~ Prey items century
Skepticism and cynicism in life is cheap, because it is much easier and more boring than to be surprised and enjoy life. ~ Interns
It is something like democratic elections: the majority is always for the bastard. ~ The Ugly Swans
Among them, no one knew exactly what happiness is and what is the meaning of life. And they took a working hypothesis that happiness - in a continuous knowledge of the unknown, and the meaning of life in the same. ~ Monday begins on Saturday
What is it - you need? This is when you can not do without. This is when you think about all the time. This is when all life aspire to. ~ Snail on the slope
What is the point to talk about the future? About the future, do not tell, do it! ~ Cloud
Where the triumphant mediocrity, always come to power, black. ~ It's hard to be a god
Not in the thunder of a cosmic catastrophe, not flame atomic war and not even in the grip of overpopulation, and well-fed, calm silence ends the history of mankind. ~ The second invasion of Martians
It's true that there are children and adults. All that is actually more complicated. There are adults and are adults. ~ Interns
There is not nothing that can not be corrected. ~ Roadside Picnic
Had it all to hell, because I can not think of him except these words: happiness for all, free, and let will leave nobody offended! ~ Roadside Picnic


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