4 answer to the question, What do women want?

Dedicated to all men, who still did not understand what women want

Perhaps if we have learned to communicate, listen, and most importantly listen to each other, then most likely, there would be so many couples trying to start from scratch, and then walk in a circle. But as they say, to build relationships not "stepping on the same rake twice" virtually impossible.

With age, after observing the development of the relations of my married friends, and from my own experience with a partner in its attempts to study the behavior of the people and find out the true causes of behavior in certain situations, I think I finally understand what after all women want. But I do not deny that there are women who do not agree with my observations, but still I voiced them.

Here are 4 basic desire of most women:

1. We want to be wanted
When we know that someone is "dry" for us, we wish with all my soul and body, we feel a surge of energy and power, which seemed to us, we were not able to before. When we know that a man hanging tag "my", and it will not change either today or tomorrow. My favorite people are always on the side of the girl, he - her support and strength. Then we women feel stability, and it is an indescribable feeling.

We like when we call, write, interested in all the details and minutiae lived day. How important it is to have someone to whom we can go when we are sick and lonely.

Dear men, tell us about their dreams, thoughts, ideas, and not the fact that it will bring you closer to implementation, but it bring you closer with my girlfriend.

2. Girls need a friend
We just need someone who will write us, call, chat on the phone or just to spend time with us, and sometimes even lead us to life after our mini tantrums.

The most important aspect of the relationship - it is, above all, a sense of urgency, but the relationship will not be present, and never move forward if people begin to listen to and hear each other. Cease to believe that if we write to you, we are ready to immediately jump into your bed.

You did not think that we could just be bored, or we would like to discuss with you the semi-finals of the football World Cup and its results, or, for example, one driver cut in front of us on the road, or talk about a cute puppy we saw on the street . The girls did not immediately have a desire to meet with someone, just because of the mutual sympathy, so please, do not give vent to the cockroaches in my head and stop fantasizing.

I mean, why not just start with friendship? And then we will see.

3. We want to feel special
Always so unpleasant to watch how women are humiliated in front of men, or rather to the creatures that only physical characteristics are called men.

If a real man really loves a woman, he would show it to her. He will convince her that love by any means, bestow flowers, candy, chocolate, ice cream, sweets any shorter (and not only on holidays), will appoint a bye in restaurants, it will take out for a picnic or just to spend an active weekend. In short, to use every occasion to see the woman he loves best.

Men can enjoy their actions, because by doing what they like, they delight their women. In the end, they will have common traditions and interests.

Young people, do not do us any favors in the form of formal politeness and "sympathy": if you do not feel the same to the girl that she is feeling, tell her about it directly. No need to sit on the throne, as if you are king of the court, and it's yours. Love is not a way to raise their self-esteem. Be honest with her and with her. You take her and hurt her every day, hiding their true feelings. Put yourself in her place. To put it mildly, this is unfair.

Some may say that chivalry gone, but because karma has not been canceled? And it is still the same vengeful bitch. If you want your woman had been sincere with you, behave with you in love with women adequately.

4. We want you to be honest with us
If you do not feel sympathy for the woman who gives you all his heart and soul, tell her about it. Enough to play it as a toy. She's alive, she just lives by his heart. The woman - being emotional.

Women are not so much need men. While men think differently. If it so happens that your feelings are not reciprocated, then release it, because the earth is a man who needs it for real. If you keep it as a backup, you do not need to do it, because a lot of beautiful girls, and you can arrange your "casting." If you see that your relationship is at an impasse, tell her about it directly.

Every man needs to understand that their ex will not behave as an inadequate character of American melodramas. The girls do not pursue their former boys. All relationships are difficult, all the feelings of confusion, but do not make hasty conclusions.

First, you should always understand a woman and what she wants, if it did not work out, at least you're both honest to try to build these relationships. In the end, you will have an additional communication skills and relationship with another beautiful special partner and it is only a plus to you and your experience.


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