WOMEN'S ENERGY, in terms of gender relations

Have you noticed what at times a very successful man, changing the woman, he suddenly loses everything? And vice versa? It would seem a hopeless loser, next to a woman suddenly takes off in social terms is literally to heaven?

Have you ever thought about why there are so many beautiful, intelligent, but single women?
Why are twisted around one man, despite his age and appearance, while others remain single?
Why such a clever, good, beautiful, and even gorgeous hostess, suddenly begins to change her man?
Why is someone in the family love persist for years, and someone had long grown cold feeling?
And you asked yourself why some remain youthful for years, while others are aging rapidly?
The answer to these questions is simple and complex at the same time. It's all about energy. Energy rules the world, attracts and holds.

The woman - a life-giving power of the world, it is also a bundle of energy, thanks to which it is a magnet for men, attracts opportunities, money, useful contacts and most importantly he can keep it all.

Perhaps the question arises: "There are so many energetic women seeking huge success in social life, so why they are lonely, unhappy, and often more feminine and sick?" The thing is, we're not talking about a simple vigor. We are talking about female energy.

Nature woman is given the opportunity to acquire an infinitely great force. However, in today's society, most women do not seek access to it. Sorcerers call this situation "Women's paradox" and say that this situation is not the norm.

Our ancestors recognized the important differences between men and women. Residents of the ancient world glorified the beauty and wonder of these differences. Congenital powers and abilities unique to the feminine and masculine subject understanding and use for prosperity and health. All women thought emanations of the Great Goddess, and all men - emanations of the Great God.

Women for centuries passed on the secrets of how to save, preserve and enhance the feminine energy. That woman who had these secrets, and know how to use their energy, has tremendous power. For this purpose, women mastered ritual practices, meditating, indulged in deep thoughts, wise use, which is the magic code to communicate with the gods and the forces of nature.

In India, there were sacred schools, churches and traditions, highly prized women. Designed by women for women, these schools were based on the direct transfer of knowledge from woman to woman, from generation to generation. With the help of the sacred rites, women are setting yourself up to the intense light and energy to spiritual realms and passed this light to all beings. And all this in order to purify your body and mind and to live in unity with the female flow and in contact with her by force.

Moreover, women have learned to sharpen your senses to such an extent that they could feel the subtle bodies of people anticipate the possible diseases and disperse the negative programs. Healing - this is another prerogative of the woman walking in ancient times.

Women received power of the elements. For a woman, it's easy. Each element of giving women their manifestation:

Water - intuition, femininity and softness;
Land - wisdom;
Fire - passion and beauty;
Air - mobility of mind and insight.
For example, if a woman has a lot of air, fire and water shortages, we see before us is one that in today's society is often called "bitch." It attracts with its beauty, a brilliant mind, but after a while a man from her leave. He just can not stand stress. Well, no it deep soft water. Now imagine that the water is sufficient, but the air is not enough. This woman is very easily gets the man is not in it, and a healthy bit of bitchiness. Result - its not appreciate! Well, if there is a fire ... guess yourself ... It just did not even draw!

The woman, full of feminine energy, which is in contact with its essence, is easy to attract and retain women, love, money, harmony. A woman waves his energy makes her man to the heights of success. Such a woman not his looks fascinating, and his energy.

Men crave these women, they need them. They feel they unconsciously. And we are ready to give up the world at her feet in one night. They are on an unconscious level even with primitive times know that one night with a woman can change their lives.

But the most important are as follows: a woman during the next corrects and heals light field men. That's a healthy light field allows a man to act effectively in the world. It is this ability unconsciously looking for a man in a woman. But in order to have such an opportunity, the light field of the woman has to be strong and healthy. And in ancient times, women are required to periodically withdraws, meditate, reflect and thus reduced their light field.

Of course, if a man has a light field is damaged, it can not realize their dreams, to realize their plans to make money and gain power. Getting through the restoration of relationships, men subconsciously want that woman in which a feeling of fullness. If a woman is deprived of energy if the light field at the very destroyed, it does not matter that she's young, rich and good. She is empty, and therefore no man would want her. They just do not see or feel her as a woman.

However, if you do not know how to recover your energy, you lose it. Time, stress, work deprives women of energy and thirty-five - forty years many have already devastated. And then the man rushes to search for new sources, has an affair with a younger.

Health, happiness in his personal life, material well-being of women depend on its energy and the internal state.


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