How will the night sky above the city, if there is no light?

Star funnel (Harun Mehmedinovic) i>

From the Earth you can see thousands of stars. We all know that the beautiful starry sky in all, if you watch the stars in the mountains, or from any remote from settlements in the region. Then see the Milky Way, and some of the planets, and the stars themselves. In the city to live, of course, is good, but the stars are either not see or be seen the brightest star.

Fans of the sky named Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovich (Gavin Heffernan, Harun Mehmedinovic) decided to show the citizens what would it felt like a starry sky in the city, if not constant illumination.

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To create a video, Gavin and Harun placed 6 professional cameras on the terrace of the Grand Canyon, and then - in the suburbs of Los Angeles, distributing them at a distance of several miles. Each camera takes pictures with a 25-second delay, for 2-4 hours. Video compiled from hundreds of images. To create a 20-second video, according to the authors, it is necessary to bring together 450 shots.

Cameras over Los Angeles (Gavin Heffernan, Harun Mehmedinovic) i>

Video, in fact, collected from the photos of the starry sky over the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles. No longer exposure time would not have helped the authors to obtain images of stars over night city - too high level of light pollution.

Now the authors raise funds for your project Skyglow, whose purpose - to create a collection of photos and timelapse video of the sky, visible from various parts of the world



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