In Japan, more than 130 dolphins washed ashore

Japanese Coast Guard staff with the support of residents Hokota (Ibaraki Prefecture), in spite of the cold weather and heavy rain, assist dolphins washed ashore in this rayone.

Animals are extremely weakened and can not return to their own more.

Emission zone mammals stretched for 10 kilometers along the coastline - in total have more than 150 individuals, many of whom have deep wounds from contact with the beach galkoy.

Joined the rescue operations and local surfers. Dolphins, which were found during the inspection injuries ship on coast guard ships and released into the sea away from the shore. Injured animals are delivered to the examination in specialized kliniki.

Last massive release of dolphins in Japan was recorded March 5, 2011 - then on the shore were 52 shirokomordyh delfina.

For decades, scientists have struggled on unraveling the causes of frequent emissions dolphins and whales on land. Observed that the mass emissions in 90% of cases coincide with periods of decreased solar aktivnosti.


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