Eric Schmidt said that Google image search has appeared thanks to Jennifer Lopez

former head of Google Eric Schmidt рассказал, that the company recognized the need to search for pictures on the Internet thanks to a famous pop singer Jennifer Lopez. In 2000, when Google Images service did not exist, the company noted rapid growth in the number of search queries that users want to see the singer. As a result of the desire to meet the needs of the audience and image search was launched.

On the music awards ceremony Grammy Awards 2000 Jennifer Lopez appeared in a candid green dress, very impressing television and Internet audience of the time. Then in the search results Google shows only text and links. As a result, to look at Jennifer Lopez was necessary to introduce an appropriate inquiry and hope among the featured links will be those that lead to the desired image. Despite the inconvenience, the query «JLo green dress» became the most popular searches in the history of Google at the time. As a result, Google Images was launched in the summer of 2001 and at that time had 250 million indexed images.

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However, in spite of her dress, the winner of the ceremony, J. Lo and then did not.

Now for image search, Google uses image recognition technology, based (pdf) on convolutional neural networks. On the basis of the content of the image, combined with its name, the context of web pages and EXIF-data, with pictures manage to associate specific search tags. The author of this technology search was DNNresearch company from Toronto, купленная Google in 2012. Professor Geoffrey Hinton, author of search techniques, says:

Our neural network includes 60 million of the estimated parameters and 650 thousand. Neurons. She has a serious power reserve. We teach it to recognize patterns in size 224 × 224 pixels., Randomly obtained from the image size of 256 × 256, and the horizontal reflection blockquote> This allows you to search and general concepts and specific object, examples of which can be such as a car, dance, kiss, hibiscus, dahlias, sunset, polar bear, grizzly bear, and others. If you try to look for Jennifer Lopez in a green dress now, you can make sure that the search algorithm copes with its task.



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