How to build a Chinese 57-story building in 19 days

skyscraper area of ​​180 sq. m. m with 800 apartments, office space and internal atriums assembled from ready blokov.Kitayskaya company Broad Sustainable Buildings built 57-storey house for 19 days, using the technology of rapid assembly of steel modules for the construction of 30 buildings designed by engineers. RBC said that the construction cost per square meter skyscraper was about $ 1,000 and results in comparison: "In Russia, the rate of construction of 17-storey building takes an average of four to six months; monolithic house built over a longer period of time - from one to two years ".High speed of construction and low costs are not reflected in the quality of work; all homes meet a number of requirements: resistance to earthquakes of magnitude 9, 0 points, the low cost of construction, high thermal efficiency, environmental friendliness and availability of air purification systems.


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