Barbie doll spy for your child

Times teddy bears with the camera in the nose passed - they were replaced by more high-tech toys with advanced functional. Barbie, which this March will celebrate 56 years, have learned to take pictures, talk to the child, record conversations and send the topic of conversation parents.

Hello Barbie module is equipped with Wi-Fi, microphone, speaker and built-in computer. Toy operate without recharging for an hour. To answer the question of the child, it sends the record to the server ToyTalk, where he was treated for an answer. Service records and saves issues to improve the algorithms. Parents can allow or disallow certain topics for conversation and personalize the doll, adding additional information - for example, the name of a pet.

If smart TV from Samsung caused such a resonance, the Barbie from ToyTalk should also cause concern among privacy advocates. Parents before using toys must agree with the policy of the service ToyTalk, which suggests that toys can take photos, audio and video interaction with the child, use and store this information to improve the quality of service.

Access to these records will be able to get the parents and with their permission - a third party. Chapter ToyTalk warns parents that they can hear about themselves extremely unpleasant things - as with toys, children can be frank.

Hello Barbie doll new with elements of spy developed startup ToyTalk , received thirty one million dollars from venture capital funds Greylock Partners, Charles River Ventures, Khosla Ventures, True Ventures, First Round Capital and Business Angels. The doll will be on sale next Christmas, prdepolagaemaya price - seventy-five dollars.

By creating "smart" toys for children this year joined IBM. The project involves training CogniToys children using toys connected to the supercomputer IBM Watson. Cute crocodile initiates conversation on various topics, and thus the developing child. You can make a contribution to the Kickstarter.

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