Magnificent Sergey Filippov


Sergey Filippov belongs to the most favorite Soviet artists - though hardly played in his life leading roles. He was the king of the episode - and even its fleeting appearance on the screen easily transformed into a masterpiece.

Sergey Filippov, born June 24, 1912 in Saratov in the family locksmith and dressmakers. In school, young apprentice quickly earned a reputation as a tomboy, although he has been and favorite subjects - such as chemistry. The first and second once united in the graduating class: delivered without the knowledge of teacher experience with hydrochloric acid led to the fact that the classes in the school were suspended for a few days - in the building were simply not breathe. Filippova excluded - without waiting for Graduation.
It was necessary to help the family - and a former student became an apprentice baker. However, at some time forgot to salt water to the test - and he had to go to the factory nagrevalschikom rivets. But even there he did not stay long, though, now due to illness. The next stage of the production career - apprentice turner. This time, Sergey even got level - which, however, did not help in future employment. Therefore, even the young man spent a year in vocational school gardening. Then - another round of fate study on carpenter ...


It would have a long and wandering young Filippov around the world in search of a suitable profession, until suddenly you do not accidentally hit the local club during class ballet studio. Something it attracted him - and he enlisted. Hobby turned serious, there were positive results - and soon it was decided to continue studying in the capital. Alas, at the Bolshoi Theatre at the time the reception was already over - and how would further fate of the future of a people person? .. I had to go to Leningrad - but there was no luck with Sergei terms. But lucky that next to the Ballet School turned pop-circus college - and there was also a ballet department.


Conducted at the college three years have not been too rosy - Filippova expelled from there. But here he had a real patron - known at the time actor and choreographer Peter Gusev. He immediately felt that this lean and lanky kid can get a good judge: "He could be the consummate classical dancer - said Gusev later. - He has excellent feet, excellent shape and incredible strength. For a classical dancer, he was released everything. The jump was. The gesture was. Power was. " True, the teacher recognizes that not once had to expel the student from the class favorite - because every now and then he allowed himself to amuse others, parody doing the exercises: "The element of comic broke through it with great force».


But the reason that Filippov had to eventually leave the ballet, in another wing. After studying at the college, he was accepted into the Opera and Ballet Theatre, and got his first role in the ballet "The Red Poppy". The role was tiny - just one dance fireman. But even her actor managed to execute only four times - and after the fourth fell unconscious behind the scenes: the heart. Looking around Sergei doctor put an end to its further fate of the ballet.
Had, as they say, to retrain in dramatic artists. In 1934 in Leningrad for a short time there was a pop Studio Theatre under the direction of renowned artist Fedor Nikitin (played, for example, in the legendary "ruins of the empire"). Together with the young colleagues he prepared a program consisting of several independent concert numbers. Filippov was in Chekhov's joke "The Proposal". And earned her first "serious" review in the press: "I especially want to mention Filippov - wrote the magazine" Business and the theater. " - He, along with voice culture, reveals the extraordinary richness of the gesture - his hands are remembered not less than Chekhov's words. " Note proved prophetic: that plastic has become a major asset of the actor.


Sergei Filippov's film debut took place two years after the theater. In the film "For the Soviet Motherland!" (1937) he was entrusted to play in an episode of the enemy from the back forward to the Red Army - and after a grenade falling off a log into the icy water. And although the film is, of course, came in only one take, on the set of the actor selflessly rushed into the water four times.
Brave actor noticed - and new invitations were not long in coming. However, specific, let's say, the exterior Filippov used exclusively one-sided - it invariably getting any characters with a pronounced negative coloration: the looters, saboteurs, anarchists, saboteurs. In short, almost all entirely villains regular performer actor who ventured to remain for the rest of his life. But gradually the filmmakers began to pay attention to his comic talent - that, too, "in harmony" with a strange combination, according to the director of Hope Kosheverova, "external ugliness and charm." As embodied Filippov images began to dominate ostrosatiricheskoy notes.


Philippi almost destined to play in the movie big, big role. It is unlikely that he would be against - but somehow it happened that directors often saw him only as "tabasco sauce to fresh dish" .Bezuslovno, often Artist absolutely meet their expectations. He knew for a this power: the ability to pull his appearance any episode and in general - any picture. Over the years, it became increasingly apparent that even with all his skill repetitive episodes superimposed on each other - and on the machine issued a "class" perforce led to samopovtor.
Although the audience, of course, just do not pay any attention - on the contrary, the popular actor only grew, and his name on the poster really could help "raise cash." Filippov belonged to that in very small circle of people's pets, whose appearance on the screen waiting with bated breath in advance.


Except in the creative destiny Filippova became a major role in the film Casimir Almazova Alexander Ivanovo and Hope Kosheverova "Tiger Girl" (1954). She, like to write a biography of the actor Maria Shuvalov, "gave Sergei Nikolaevich such an extensive press and a unanimous recognition of his success, what he had in a movie ever.
But perhaps today at the Sergei Filippov first comes to mind is still not diamonds, as the venerable lecturer, visiting fellow Ogurtsov to make a short, forty minutes, lecture at the celebration of the New Year in the House of Culture. In "Carnival Night" (1956) Eldar Ryazanov - with the help, of course, their writers Boris Laskin and Vladimir Polyakov - achieved not only an amazing lightness of the narrative, but also the perfection of the form: no superfluous word, no unnecessary movement! Filippova role - as usual, quite fleeting - perfectly fits in prevailing around the holiday bustle, and not "save" the picture (as has happened in some other cases), and it complements extremely well, being a sort of "cherry" on the cake.


A special chapter in the works of Sergei Filippov - his encounter with another great comedians, Leonid Gaidai, who gave the artist the title role of his life: Kitty Vorobyaninov, memorable for all of us marshal of the nobility of the "12 chairs" (1971). Filippov knew perfectly well what is the chance for him as an ideal "sitting" on it, this role. Hungry for material clearly missed on their "second plan" for this game, the actor insisted on shooting, even when seriously ill. And just before he made the dubbing dangerous operation - ended, fortunately, successful. Subsequently Gaidai consistently shooting the actor in his other paintings.


For a couple of years before the death of Philip played in another landmark film, sure to view - in the "Heart of a Dog" by Vladimir Bortko (1988). His reappearance was fleeting - and again, as always memorable. His patient just something and says: "25 years, I swear to God, nothing like that. Last time - in Paris, on the Rue de la Pere "- but says the way it was able to say only Sergey Filippov.


Actress Nina Grebeshkova, wife Gaidai, recalled a colleague: "He played in every way possible - through the eyes, eyebrows, nose." But of course, we should not forget that his every move, his every gesture is not born minutely (as can sometimes think) and were seriously consider and carefully worked out. It just seems that laugh - easily. But so laugh, waited to your appearance and then laughed at for decades - it was necessary not only talent, but also skills. A skill - this is the work: rehearsals, shooting performances.


In the 1980s, Sergei Filippov because of health problems practically ceased to act. However, worthy of mention such works as Hyuvyarinena role in the comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "For matches" (1980) and the small role of the patient in the "Heart of a Dog" (1988).
In the last years of his life, Sergei Filippov was very lonely. After the death in 1989 of his wife, the writer Antonia Golubeva, who wrote a book "The Boy from Urzhum" about teens Kostrikova Sergei (Sergei Kirov) to reissue royalties from which they could live, he was alone. Sergey Filippov died April 19, 1990.


Sergey Filippov with a daily norm of bread in his hand. Besieged Leningrad

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