Google adds to the issuance of a proven medical information

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In Google modified its technology Knowledge Graph, to предоставлять users in finding reliable health information. Updates on which a team of professional doctors headed by Kapil pairs (Kapil Parakh), should appear in the search engine by the end of this weeks. Medical facts were chosen only from trusted sources by the automated system and tested by specialists клиники Mayo - one of the largest private medical centers in the world.

Investigation Science and Technology University of Hong Kong says that people tend to evaluate their own symptoms are more pessimistic than those they heard from friends or read on the web. The problem is exacerbated during mass disorders and related media hysteria that the media - an example might be swine flu or Ebola. All of this makes a person go without a doctor's advice to take unnecessary medications or conversely to delay a visit to the hospital. This is a mental disorder was called киберхондрия.

Haha medvuzov if there is Wi-Fi? I> blockquote> House MD, Season 5, Episode 16.

Project leader Prem Ramaswami (Prem Ramaswami) emphasizes that use Google can only obtain information about the disease, not to determine whether it is dangerous, contagious or age. In no case should not be taken as a search issue a set of recommendations for self, but rather to use it for more meaningful conversation with your doctor.

Here is the new extradition request "What is tonsillitis»:



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