Laws of Life

The search: "it is necessary to search begins from the wrong place».

J. Law. Bernard Shaw: "Those who can - do. Who can not - teach ».

Law Van Roy: "Unbreakable toy is useful to break her other».

Meskimena law "is never enough time to do the work as it should, but the fact that its remake, time is».

Uotergeygeytsky principle: "Corruption in the government always reported in the past tense».

Neysdra law: "It can be foolproof, but only on uninventive».

Young law: "All great discoveries are made by mistake».

Typically the timing of the project: "The first 90% of the work takes 10% of the time, and the last 10% - the remaining 90% of the time».

Army axiom: "Any order that can be misunderstood, misunderstood».

Ettore observation: "The neighboring place is always moving faster».

Axiom Kahn and Orbena: "If nothing else helps, read, finally, instructions!»

Law Hleyda "solve complex tasks are assigned to a lazy employee - he will find an easier way».

Law Flagg: "It is the need to knock on wood - to discover that the world is made of aluminum and plastic».

The eighth rule Fingeyla: "Teamwork is very important. It allows you to blame others »

Drew law (the law of professional practice): "Who pays the least, most complains».

Jones Act: "The most interesting exhibits are no name plate».


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