How to prepare the aircraft for departure. An Inside Look

Flight passenger begins with the station building, check-in, baggage and waiting for someone anxious for another enjoyable. And what happens in the meantime on the platform with the aircraft. As the plane prepared for take-off? Any aircraft ready to fly for 2-3 hours prior to departure, and if this reversal flight, the preparation takes even less time. During this time the ground airfield services conduct the necessary regulations, ranging from inspection ВС.

Further, the aircraft is under their supervision up to run and began taxiing.
If you dear reader just now in the waiting room waiting for their boarding, look how to prepare the aircraft.
Preparation of the sun to fly large-scale process, which has a beginning and end. Break it logically impossible, since a lot going on at the same time, but everyone knows their place and then, all at one result - the flight of the aircraft on schedule and according to plan. Enjoy your reading and viewing.

Before departure 02.30

1. Prior to departure more than two hours of terrestrial services are already beginning their work. Remove the protective covers from the aircraft components and assemblies. All of them are marked in red with white lettering «Remove before flight». Although there are remuvki different color, we get to them later.

2. When the aircraft is on the long-term parking, the engines shut so. It's time to "gather stones»

3. All neatly stacked. Some airlines creative and applied real pattern engine cover.

4. Then all this is hidden inside. All your carried with me.

5. Everything is prepared for other terrestrial services, offers plenty of hatches, etc. This specifically for filling with water.

6. Where is the live chassis during the flight? Boeing 737 on this niche sequentially from the left to the right side, while cleaning one side of the tires of the chassis is not closed. So you can easily distinguish the type of watching it from below. This is how it looks inside. Impressive?

Before departure 02.15

7. A little more than 15 min. Before departure Winged 0215. ladder, it's time to open the doors.

8. wakes up slowly

9. Easy by hand ...

10. come on board one of the first. Typical Insta-Chekin photo-carriers look to the wing.

11. A technician takes the place of the commander, prepares for the arrival of the aircraft crew. Logbook is near the plane, where all the information about it.

12. A small educational program.
We have before us the controls that are between the commander and co-pilot.
1) Two lever in the center - engine control levers, the ends are buttons autopilot deactivation button slightly larger below, is responsible for the output mode Take Off / Go Around (takeoff / go-around) or otherwise TO / GA.
2) Two levers fixed on ores - reverse lever, which is included to reduce the landing speed of 60-80 knots (112-148km / h). Speed ​​landing Boeing 737 varies depending on the landing weight and is located in 130uzlov + -10 (240km / h + -18)
3) Two large disk at the edges - trimmer, designed to ease pressure on the wheel. Before take-off is set in a green area, the value calculated by the computer. During the flight, the autopilot controls them, when watching a video from the cockpit you can hear the characteristic crackling dull - so rotating trimmer. White stripe for visual inspection of rotation.
4) The lever labeled SPD BRK, slightly to the right of the left disc trimmer. Control lever spoilers. Spoilers aerodynamic elements on the wing of the plane in the air for braking. Most often used in the input circuit in the approach to reduce the speed. In the final approach is always omitted and are in a position ARMED, especially for landing. In such a situation, when you touch the fire and automatic wing "bristles" spoilers for more efficient braking.

5) Scale with numbers slightly to the left from the right disc trimmer - control flaps on the wing of an airplane. Variable geometry wing for different phases of flight. During takeoff, often exhibiting an angle of 5 degrees. The kit and wing echelon "clean". Retract the flaps according to the rules, subject to certain flight speed for each stage of cleaning.
6) button in front of the number 30 with the inscription HORN CUTOUT - alarm mute button. The fact that the release of the flap 10 to 15 degrees and does not release the chassis, an alarm is triggered. Sometimes it needs a flight in this configuration, so there is a button.
7) The lever next to the red light - the hand brake is used for aircraft parking.
8) Two small lever under the ores - controls the fuel supply to the left and right of the engine, respectively. Now in the closed position (CUTOFF).

13. Still with us? :))) Then we drove on.

14. Standby Attitude Indicator provides "in the sense of».

15. Lovely view.

16. The upper panel, Overhead. It focused management of navigation, navigation lights, air-conditioning, power supply, hydraulic pumps, pressure in the plane, and so much more, start the engines and APU (auxiliary power unit) is also performed with the overheads.

17. Look copilot

18. Table separation compliance feet meters. Most of the country moved to separation in feet, including Russia in 2013. But, for example, in China still use the meter trains.

19. APU running, for it included the right rear fuel pump, as it is all on the lower level in the tank, and is guaranteed to provide fuel for a small residue. Power is now on board. Near dial, which reflects the temperature of the exhaust gases APU.

20. Preparation for the flight is not only a technical job, but a lot of documents. Behind the scenes a lot of work remained pilots in the briefing. One flight of the aircraft as the intersection of multiple lines, crew, technicians, set of ground services, and passengers :)

Before departure 01.30

21. Time 0130 before departure. Time to provide fuel jet. The technician shows how much they are going to pour kerosene :))

22. Compulsory part refueling - grounding.

23. One-two-three-four, and open bar for refills.

24. Control Panel refueling wing aircraft. Three tanks: two in the wing and one in the middle.

25. There is a contact!

26. Use -bolshe- creates pressure fuel TS-1 in an airplane wing.

27. An area where clearly can not stand at the start and the engine. Safety in aviation is not an empty word.

28. Arrived FAC, personally inspects aircraft.

29. With respect for these people. Portrait.

30. inspect all.

Before departure 01.20

31. Prior to the departure of food for 0120. After the aircraft arrives food for the passengers. Flight to be from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow, so planned nutrition. In addition, a / k NorthStar, during Lent, provides its passengers including vegetable nutrition.

32. Returning to the subject of remuvkah different color. Came their turn. In fact they are the same red color, all in a oil. This is a 3 pin (stopper), which are inserted in the landing gear when parked aircraft more 3eh hours. Prevent the "folding" rack chassis locks.

33. Nutrition in cold carts. Guys with catering company actively pomagajut girls :)

34. That's the answer to why the entrance to the plane through the left door, it is evident that through the right it would have been much more convenient. Carts are already in place, all of the hot.

35. Guys have taken matters into their own hands :). And rightly so, in the air flight attendants still have to have worked enough.

Before departure 01.10

36. Before departure 0110. The commander takes its place, listens to the ATIS (weather conditions).

37. This car is brought water. You have to understand what is happening all at once, and the closer to the departure, the more people running around the aircraft. SAB (security service) is constantly on the alert at this time. And if an international flight, you will attend and border guards.

38. The kitchen in the front cabin is full. Second of all salon.

39. Click on the button ...

40. get results :)

41. Take a look at the kitchen. Exactly in the center of ovens for heating hot. At the bottom of a place in the truck with a cold. Needless hot located in other containers in the compartments 403, 405, 406 and below in the same square. From left to process water and potable hot water. Along the edges of the aisle can be seen reclining back seats flight attendants.

42. Two generations in the frame. The third generation in the cockpit :)

43. Meet the Boeing 737NG, Seattle ^ _ ^

Before departure 01.00

44. Before departure 0100. The crew on the ground.

45. Time of luggage. 737 has two cargo compartment.


46. ​​For passengers drove more comfortable with his massive ramp near the entrance. Boys and gisman kirill_kvs successfully used it. The platform allows you to make a beautiful picture.


47. To meet the passengers are prepared in advance


48. Leaving the plane prepares to board passengers.


Before departure 00.40


49. Before departure 0040. Passengers river, but under the control of services, rush into the plane.


Before departure 00.10


51. Before departure ten minutes. Before-taxi check lists Read, taxiing. Begin to read Before take off.


52. Younger brothers remained on the platform waiting for his time. Soon the life around them boil.




53. Our time counter went up to 0000. depart.


54. Thank you dear reader, that lasted until the end. If you are in the waiting room, you probably will soon announce a landing. The cabin is waiting for you, the passenger. For this to work a huge number of people!


I want to express my gratitude to the airline NordStar and personally Irina Vorobyev and Polina Chernova for organizing such exciting shooting! Prosperity and success to you :))
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