Why are you doing, girl?

There are things that a woman is required to do with her man, whether it is smart, kind, or even experienced, married for the fourth time. She herself has vowed that no such that she does not want to do it, but alas - hands folded themselves in characteristic gestures, lip curl tube, and the letters are formed into words.


She will read your SMS. And mail. And Facebook chats. No, she knows what to do but) it is impossible, b) is not necessary. But at the same time in which case it says "And there is nothing anywhere to throw the phone." Or "And you've got a laptop was open." Arab poets piled poems about women's curiosity, the Russian people came up about him not one proverb. And since then, nothing has changed.


Experienced zhenatik can recognize it from the first minute. The girl was offended, but tries to hide it either, or suppress in itself. It is no easier than to stop retching in the case of acute alcohol poisoning, so sooner or later it will still explode. We must help her and either elicit from her that she does not like, or provoke scandal, gently hold it through the peak quarrel and then reconcile. The best way to infuriate inflated woman - do not ignore it and go about their business. And we do not recommend. For fraught.


Women actually just as often prone to domestic violence, how men, just think that they can do less damage. However, if you never flew a bowl of dumplings, rolling pin is not walking in your shoulder blades and nails are not left long furrows on your cheeks - that you consider, and not live. Women are ashamed of this, actually, but do nothing with them can not, and public opinion is almost always on their side.

Care in the night barefoot in the snow

You hurt her so much that she got up, opened the door and walked away into the night. Run left. Losing on the go slippers. Every woman at least once in their life went out of the house on the night in some sneakers. In good, they should be at this time to catch and lock, because with such girls happen unpleasant adventure. But then there will be a flight bowls with dumplings, and why we need it?

Check out a mother

Do not just walk away into the night in slippers and put on boots, pack up and go to his father's house, that there, in a warm little room maiden alone, crying with her head held high. There are, however, quite ruthless mother that these daughters meticulously looked back from head to toe, check for injuries, and if there are none, send their own to deal with the offender. But such cases - a rarity. Mom usually operate on the principle "krovinochku my hurt." And this, by the way, the least dangerous situation: women usually get bored of their mother no later than the third day of the visit, and during this time can be fine to have fun - cooking, quiet games, alcohol intoxication, here it is all.

Forced dressing

Every woman thinks that her lover dressed as a tramp, and it must change. Even if a wardrobe packed with thousand-cute jackets, still it has something for that girl of his shame. And it should be thrown out immediately, but instead buy this one nice little hoodie with a dog. And what's wrong with that, you say? Well, first of all, how many of you have seen women who have had a good taste in clothes?

The order

Women like to order. More precisely, they say they love order. Especially they like to restore order where it is not necessary. For example, on the table of her husband. Okay, well, that at least in the toolbox and other securities nails we hung Big padlock. In general, the girls need to read since childhood biography of Marshal Gilles de Rais, known as Bluebeard, and explain that if you say "get out into the room did not come in," then do not go there. At all. Absolutely. Never. No, for a moment, too, is not necessary. And only one eye is not necessary, but it can be accidentally left without eye.

Your ex

You got was the former, right? And you are to it, let's say, a very good relationship. And then parted. And most of all, for you this story ended well, or just become a part of the biography as a stolen bottle of vodka in his youth, or rafting on the river ice Karelian. So you told about it its current single. And suddenly it turned out that this woman completely extraneous to it - the main enemy of your heavenly being. And your sweet it really hates. Now every small scandal and controversy you will be asked to go to the swell or whatever her. And there is nothing to do about it, because the call is resumed in the night leaving barefoot in the snow. Now, if the former is currently being treated for a variety of addictions, being the mother of five children, it would probably be a bit easier for the situation. But not the fact.

Your sobriety

Women always sooner or later begin to limit your consumption of intoxicating drinks. Even if you're almost a teetotaler and wife drinking as boatswain, it is still at some point say, 'Hey, good news is, you have enough! "This is such a law, such as rules of thumb. The main thing that cute at this point could stand on their feet.

Her friends

Girls discuss the guy with her friends, as well as with casual acquaintances, colleagues, friends in social networks and fellow travelers on the train. Talk about it, what it has jersey 1989 production with symbols stroyotryada, funny habit fart under the covers, and the former pernicious passion for hockey. But it's not so bad: as long as man does not know, as this would not. But the most shameless ladies share the salacious details about her husband right in front of him. Yes, talk about his jersey 1989 production with symbols stroyotryada, funny habit fart under the covers, and the former pernicious passion for hockey. And cute while pokerfeys is small cracks.


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