18 of the best photos of the competition Sony World Photography Awards 2015

Kermode bear in British Columbia, Canada. This subspecies of the American black bear lives exclusively in western Canada. Only ten percent of the population is white or cream-colored wool. Photo: Kyle Breckenridge, Canada

Fallen on hard times for dreamers
Photo: Ahmad Zikri Mohamad Zuki, Malaysia

"Orangutan in the rain", Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Andrew Suryono
Seeing as the orangutan grabbed a banana leaf and tries to hide from the rain, the photographer kept his head and captured animal, Indonesia

"Affection for life»
"Fina - the youngest of my two daughters. Usually she is afraid of cats, which is why we decided to take home two kittens. For seven months they became best friends. "Picture: Arief Siswandhono, Indonesia

Once a year the Indians all over the world celebrate Holi - the festival of spring and bright colors. This is one of the most colorful festivals in India, falling on the last full moon of the lunar month. People take to the streets and pelted each other with bright colored powders. Photo: Ioulia Chvetsova, France

Airshow at MAKS in Bucharest, Romania. Photo: Cioplea Vlad, Romania

Sunrise in the desert
Balloon soars over the sand dunes at sunrise in the Sahara Desert. Photo: Gareth Lowndes, New Zealand

Colony of king penguins in South Georgia. Photo: Lisa Vaz, Portugal

Shadow of time
Teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo: Bao Vu, Vietnam

Tit looks at his reflection. Photo: Georg May, Germany

Innovative home in the Netherlands, built by architect Piet Blom. Photo: Cor Boers, Netherlands

Monk in the Garden foggy winter morning, Dinajpur, Bangladesh. Photo: Jubair Bin Iqbal, Bangladesh

Lan in the national park Eifel, Germany. Photo: Georg May, Germany

Morning ritual
Morning bathing in the holy river Ganges. Calcutta, India. Photo: Nick Ng, Malaysia

Step by step
Futuristic staircase in Berlin. Photo: Ralf Wendrich, Germany

The representative of the tribe Hamer, Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Photo: Diego Arroyo Méndez, Spain

"There are many options for how to remove the portrait. But when a person is closed, we see a very different side of the man, and in this we are helped by his movements, postures, I can even guess the expression on his face. " Photo: Courtney Colantonio-Ray, US

Denali National Park in Alaska, USA. Biceps Mount McKinley - the highest in North America (6194 meters). Photo: Miquel Ángel Artús Illana, Spain


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