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King of spades: David, the biblical king.

David - the second king of Israel, the youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehem. Reigned for 40 years (c. 1005 - 965 BC. E., In a traditional Jewish chronology of approx. 876 - 836 BC. E.

David - a marble statue by Michelangelo, Florence was first introduced to the public in Piazza della Signoria 8 September 1504.

King of Hearts: Charlemagne, the first emperor of the West.

Charles I the Great. Born April 2, 742/747 or 748

King of the Franks - 24 September 768 - January 28 814

King of the Lombards - June 5 774 - 781

Duke of Bavaria - 788 - January 28 814

Emperor of the West - 25 January 800 - 28 January 814

King of Diamonds: Julius Caesar, the Roman general.

Julius Tsezar.Rodilsya July 12 100 BC. e.

The ancient Roman statesman and politician, military leader, writer, consul, the dictator, the great pontiff.

King of Clubs: Alexander the Great, the founder of one of the largest empires of the ancient world.

Alexander the Great. Presumably born July 20 356 BC. e.)

Macedonian king from 336 BC. e. Argeadov dynasty, commander, creator of world power, disintegrated after his death. In Western historiography is better known as Alexander the Great. Even in antiquity for its fame Alexander one of the greatest generals in history.

Alexander the Great on a fragment of Roman mosaic from Pompeii, a copy of the ancient Greek painting.


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