Fitbit has introduced 2 new fitness wristband Charge and Charge HR, as well as "superchasy» Surge

Latest news from the loud Fitbit was unpleasant: the company decided to withdraw all bracelets Fitbit Force because of a bad material of his body, which could cause irritation to the skin of the wearer. His replacement came for him to just two models: Charge and Charge HR , officially announced today, along with "superchasami" Fitbit Surge

Charge difference from its predecessor is minimal and is primarily in the modified housing that looks nicer and certainly not cause itching. This fitness bracelet entry level to track key indicators such as the number of steps or distance traveled. Charge can also notify you of an incoming call by flashing on the OLED-display the caller's name - Force received this function only with the update. The site of the model will be ordered for $ 129.

For those who want to keep track of your heart rate represented a more advanced version of the Charge HR. By the way, HR - it's "heart rate". Metering will be using the company's proprietary technology, which uses LEDs to monitor changes in blood volume. Bracelet is worth only $ 149. The small difference in price is pleasant, but additional opportunities are forced to discharge accessory significantly faster: with a standard normal Charge survive 7 days and Charge HR - 2 days less.

For those who want more, demonstrated Surge. Fitbit immodestly calls them "superchasami." Unlike their younger comrades, the model is able to track the route traversed by a GPS-module (about tracking Czechoslovakia have not forgotten). Enlarged display touch now. It can be used to control music and reading text messages. Unfortunately, the possibility of installing applications or track all notifications from your smartphone out of the question - nothing "super" I do not see here, and you? But over time, battery life is all right: Fitbit Surge live on the hand of the athlete about 7 days. Price: $ 249. The Verge also notes a small thickness of the device.

Despite active race for market leadership in the fitness trackers and coming New Year holidays, Fitbit nowhere, it seems, is not going to rush: 3 new models will be available for purchase only in early 2015. I recall that at that time to go out and the main leader of wearable devices - Apple Watch.

All three devices are already available for pre-order with us:

Fitbit Charge Fitbit Charge HR Fitbit Surge The Verge



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