The most powerful car in the world - the Maxximus G-Force

The rating of the most powerful machines of modernity is updated every year, as evidenced by the emergence of new, even more "ferocious" monsters, even in the face of current global focus on promoting environmental protection and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which has recently affected even the Formula I. today one of the most powerful cars in the world is the Maxximus G-Force, in 2009, presented at the auto show in Beverly hills and boldly called by its developers the fastest car in the world among the cars approved for use on public roads.

Maxximus G-Force has a "herd" of 1622 "horses", even more frightening, compelling to think about what needs to be a mechanism to "curb" this four-wheeled monster...

Under the hood 1622-strong G-Force 7-liter gasoline engine Chevrolet V8 with two turbochargers, allowing the car to accelerate to "hundreds" in just 2.1 seconds — this speaker makes it the fastest in the world on this indicator.

The birth of this extraordinary car was made possible thanks to the cooperation of two people — Marlon Kirby and David McMahan. Kirby is the founder of Maxximus Technologies, MacMahan — investor, which means the fastest the car has become a reality.

If someone is familiar with the creations of Maxximus Technologies — he already wondered about the similarity between the Maxximus G-Force and early development of the company — the Ultima GTR. Of course, to save money, and just for the sake of continuing the already started conceptual ideas, Marlon Kirby did not invent something new — just build the Ultima, adding rigidity to withstand horrendous stress, which is an irreversible result of the mounting on the car so the power unit, and improved suspension for the same reason. Adding to this two "turbine" Turbonetics and a three-speed transmission that is controlled paddle "petals", Kirby achieved their goal — to light a Maxximus G-Force.

Originally Maxximus G-Force was positioned by its founders as the most powerful car in the world, but in the same year 2009 he was pushed off the pedestal 1832-strong Keating TKR, designed to set a world speed record and eventually put it, though not for long — before the advent of the previously mentioned Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which is a record for this day.
To fully curb Maxximus G-Force weighs 1224 pounds. The engine is centrally mounted, which gives an additional advantage when it comes to balance, handling and suspension settings. The maximum speed of the supercar has not yet been tested, but calculating is 438 km/h.

The rank of the most powerful cars on the planet assumed and the corresponding cost, which in the case of G-Force amounted to $3 million. Of course, if You have this amount of out of pocket expenses — You are unlikely to pay special attention to the fact that gasoline machine "eats" loads, although the creators ought to first inform consumers that a full tank rapid drive missing only 9 minutes...

David MacMahan even after the presentation in Beverly hills talked about the fact that the car received a few orders from Arab sheikhs, in the future, the partners planned to "bestow" their child for at least a couple of dozen Amateurs with tight wallets, but until they managed to sell only a few copies Maxximus G-Force, which, however, already allows us to call it stock car.

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