In the Vedic and Ayurvedic traditions of cheese producing in the West are not known. Practically, used only one type of cheese - "Paneer" - is a fresh cheese made from whole fresh milk, traditional Indian cottage cheese. This homemade cheese is always prepared only on whey, without the addition of rennet of animal origin. Because it is considered the best dish for vegetarians and people on a strict diet. With any other cheese-Indians are vegetarians do not want to compare your "Paneer" for versatility and delicate taste. Here in Canada, this cheese is sold in all Hindu shops and even in simple food.
A lot of Hindu dishes are prepared with this cheese.
"Paneer" usually cut into cubes and added to soups, vegetable dishes, rice, and fried by itself (e.g., tomatoes).
Vegetarians also use soy cheese, to taste, by the way, very similar to "Paneer". Gourmets will certainly say that it is not cheese. But we do not gurmanstvovat gathered, and to live a healthy lifestyle. And if you do not make a meal of worship and show imagination with cheese sandwiches - it is even edible.
Cheeses, as well as all dairy products, reduce Vata and Pitta and Kapha increases.
And, as has already been mentioned several times - are heavy food.
Reduce heavy cheeses can add properties when consumed spices - cumin, cumin, mustard, red pepper Caen (or sprinkle with cheese buderbrod spices, or eating a pinch of spice after a meal).


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