Milk - the best way to achieve the tranquility of mind and strength of intellect. If a person is drinking milk at night, it becomes more sensible, intelligent, begins to better understand the world around us, gets the correct vision of good and evil.
In addition, the milk increases the power of the mind, so that people can perceive the spiritual knowledge, to understand it and gain spiritual strength. Milk - a "spirituality as a liquid." It develops delicate tissue of the brain and, as a consequence, one can understand the benefits of good, spiritual qualities and develop a calm, self-control, compassion, charity, austerity, honesty, piety, purity and chastity. The ability of the person to understand the spiritual, raises his consciousness to a higher level - the level of divinity.

But not enough to just drink a lot of milk, it is necessary to drink CORRECT. The fact that the milk is absorbed by the body via the energy of the moon (Chandra) and is associated with Kapha dosha, and it is better to drink or late in the evening or early morning. Milk may be long in the body and interacting with the thin membrane of the stomach, through the channel, which is located along the spine, raises clean energy through the heart to the brain.
The amount of milk consumed is individually and range from 1st spoon (if the poor tolerability of dairy products), 1-2 cups per reception. Milk need to drink so much that morning, did not appear in the mouth mucus (kapha). If the slime appears portion evening milk must be reduced.
Milk is better absorbed if it is lightly sweetened with honey (honey but can not be added to hot or boiling milk, and only cooled down to 45 ° C). These spices like fennel, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, saffron and licorice perfectly combined with milk and help to better absorb the product body.
DRINK MILK and be healthy!


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