If you want to make a sandwich with butter, rubbed with oil on the grater instead dab it with a knife.

Buy holder for sponges.
Now you do not have to look for a sponge under a mountain of dirty dishes. Besides, it will always be clean and dry.

Tighten the eight headphones, so they are not confused in your pocket or bag.

Leave a winter jacket pocket $ 100 and forget about them.
When you find them a few months later, you'll be ecstatic. This is an excellent investment in your mood.

Before we get into the taxi, take a picture of the license plate.
If you forget something in the cabin, it will significantly reduce the time you search.

Go to the gym before a date or an important interview.
Sport activities help to relieve tension and gain confidence in themselves. Just do not forget to leave time to take a shower.

Decorate the wall in the room with something that you like.
Find a picture or photo that lifts you up and hang it on the wall in the bedroom or in the office. You can not even order a frame for it, just attach it to the wall.

Change bed linens.
Nothing helps to relax as fresh linens.

Make every room in your house has been a subject that you love.
So it will be easier to maintain a good mood, no matter where you are - in the hall in front of the TV or on the kitchen stove.

Play one of your favorite childhood games.
Invite your friends to play your favorite game. This is a great way to escape from the cases and at least for a few minutes to return to the carefree world of childhood.

Read a book.
Instead of bedtime staring at the screen of laptop or mobile phone, read a conventional book. It's guaranteed to make your sleep tight.

Find the length of your arm to measure any object.
If you know the length from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger, you will not have to use this technique fails to determine the size of objects.

Change your usual route.
Regardless of whether you go on foot, use public transport or driving a car, remember to change their usual route on the way to work or home. This not only dispel the routine of your life, but also help to improve brain function.

Write something
Do not type on a laptop or a phone, namely the write handle. This could be a note, a poem, a shopping list - anything. Letter improves memory and mood.

Buy someone a gift for no reason.
Even something small, like a cup of coffee or a bouquet of flowers can lift the mood of someone that will make you and a little happier.

Bring your things in order.
Take away in her closet, deal with cards and business cards in your purse or loop through, finally, his first aid kit - any of these activities will make your life a little more organized.

Color keys with nail polish.
You no longer have to spend time searching for the right key.

Rather than scour the dirty pans, type them in soapy water and place on a plate.
Sticky food itself departed from the walls of the pan.

Place the napkin on the bottom bin under garbage bag that it does not stagnate fluid.

Try not to lift the toes up when you walk at night, you do not accidentally hit the little finger.

Drink a glass of water immediately after waking up.
After sleep our body is almost always dehydrated, so the sooner you replenish fluids, the better for your body. Water, coffee drunk before, also improve the condition of your skin, lift your spirits and improve their health.

Invite someone who you admire, for coffee.
This can be any person whose lifestyle makes you respect and admiration. No need to ask him for help or work, just to chat with him. Ask about his life. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from ordinary conversation.

Sleep for 8 hours (or more).
8:00 full sleep are much more than any movie or show that you missed.



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