20 brilliant drawings by April 1

April 1 - the day when you can not limit your imagination, make jokes and have fun with family and colleagues. On this occasion the Website picked up a list of the best jokes for every taste - from the most innocuous to those who require fast running skills: the victim is clearly wants to talk to you about your bad behavior



Do you want to admire the righteous anger? Mix Scittles and M & amp; M's. Tip: this funny joke suitable not only for the April 1, but also for any children's party

«Dairy spot"

Create an adhesive patch spilled it on the glass. After drying, place the keyboard. Done!

Can tap and do a little brighter

Food coloring will make your morning a colorful, if the tablet is positioned in the lens.

Stickers on the car

Stickers will need a lot, but the result is worth it. Hint: Think in advance color, which will show off the various parts of the machine. You can even lay out an inscription. Be creative!

Or banana cake?

Dedicated to lovers of sweet. Baked banana shaped cake cools, then it is covered with cream. Treat someone to such an unusual banana!

Blue Screen of Death for your beloved colleagues

This will print screen in horror inexperienced user. Tip: clean desktop to avoid blurred impression and set the wallpaper image

Cola snag


Replace drink soy sauce and invite friends. Tip: it's best to work with small bottles with plastic lids. And be sure to check in advance whether a person has an allergy to soy.

Gardeners dedicated

< br> Cakes, stylized carrot will delight both adults and children. Tip: The tip of the carrots may serve as an ordinary strawberries, if it pour orange juice and freeze

Fortune Seeker

<. br>
Attach the coin on the floor, and entertainment is provided throughout the office. Tip: You can use glue, and it is possible to impose a coin on a nail and hammer a design on the floor - it all depends on how carefully you treat the coating

Where the snake. ?!

An empty cell, and the caption: "Do not touch the snake" will make a splash, particularly if there is to roam the owner with mad eyes and look into all the cracks in the search for missing

jump. in the dark

Have you ever seen the man jumps up in surprise? Tip: make sure there is nothing in the victim's hands and breaking easily pourable

Insidious mouse

<. br>
Close up mouse funny pictures. Tip: You can use as a funny picture, and the usual friendly

Mouse in the house

Mouse in the house it is easy to draw - you need to "overturned" box and the appropriate size of beet with a tail. Tip:. In the absence of an ideal potato beet can be used with the tail of the twine

Thus begins the War Office

< br>
No, no, no pizza today. Do not even ask.

Someone from friends does not like spiders?

For this drawing, you will need small plastic insects and a little luck, the victim was distracted while you are sabotaging its future dinner.

Would you like dessert?

Treat family and colleagues delicious cake of potatoes and sausages frayed. It turns out tasty, though not quite what you expect from the air cake.

Juice astronaut

Drink this "juice" from the jelly is unlikely to succeed, but you can get a lot of positive emotions, watching the reaction of a person who does not understand why the juice does not come out of an overturned glass.

We just bought a new carpet

Stained blot adhesive can be used on all surfaces. Tip: make sure it is completely dry, otherwise the carpet not be good

Classic never gets old

It is a harmless and fun drawing with soap, transparent coating - a lot of people surprised rubbed it under the tap without getting a single gram of foam

«It is necessary to share". - mom said

Fraudulent use of cookies will rabid demand among the sweet tooth. Tip: gently remove the cream from the pastries, it should be a whole to come to your evil plans

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