On the internet well known and not very

1. emoticons for over thirty years.

The first was the ubiquitous smiley symbol icon smile 10 interesting facts about the Internet that talked about fun, playful tone Send a message. Its author is an American computer scientist Scott Fahlman, who first sent a smiley in a message to the Internet in 1982.

2. See all the videos on YouTube impossible.

Every minute on YouTube appears about one hundred hours of new videos. To see all the movies that have added to this site is only for one day, you'll need more than sixteen years.

3. The very first site is still in the network.

You can still enter for the very first site created in the Swiss CERN. The site was not available for many years, but last year it was restored.

Internet under the clouds.

When climbing Mount Everest, you can enjoy high-speed access (LTE) network. Moreover, the internet is available even at the top of the highest mountain in the world.

5. Webcam appeared thanks ... coffee.

The first ever webcam has been installed in the University of Cambridge in 1991 to ... coffeemaker. Thanks to the staff of the University could spy Swar whether their coffee or not. Laziness - the engine of progress icon smile 10 interesting facts about the Internet device that records images with a resolution of 128x128 pixels, connected to the network in 1993. Eight years later, the famous coffee was sold on eBay for about $ 204 thousand rubles.

How many people in the world has access to the Internet?

Even this year, access to the network will have three billion people, almost half the population of our planet. 2, 4 billion people use the Internet on mobile devices.

Keys to the Internet.

It sounds almost unbelievable: the world is a very carefully selected the seven people who keep so-called "keys to the Internet." This electronic card containing the code that allows you to literally restart the entire Internet. In the case of global hacker attack "guardians of the Internet" will be immediately delivered to the military base in the US, where they activate their keys and then the global network will be disabled.

The first advertisement on the Internet.

The first banner ad appeared on the network in 1994 as part of the campaign of the telecommunications giant, the company AT & T.

The rapidly growing popularity.

Four years after the invention of the Internet to use about 50 million people. For comparison, the creation of such an audience phone users took 75 years, radio - 38 years, TVs - 13 years, and the game Angry Birds, attention, just 35 days.

Tons of spam.

Worldwide, there are nearly four billion active email accounts. Every day with them is sent to about 190 billion messages. According to studies, 80 percent of these messages can be simple spam. Also interesting is the history of the emergence of the word spam that originates from the name of a brand of canned meat «Spam», which became known for its annoying ads.


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