Model S vehicles can now be given personal names

The company Tesla Motors has released another software update Model S. In the coming days, Software v6.0 go on electric sedans. < br />
One of the new features: now the owner of the car Model S can assign your favorite official name. This name will be displayed in a mobile application on the smartphone and the screen car computer section «About Your Tesla».

Since 2012, Tesla Motors has repeatedly upgrade the car. Among other things, added a mode of "smart" suspension system of assistance in moving up the hill, hibernate and more.

Here are some new features in firmware 6.0.

Tips for navigation, taking into account traffic jams and detours. Tesla Model S starts to monitor the situation on the road even before the driver behind the wheel. And if he goes on the traditional route, which is now suddenly closed for repairs or due to traffic jams, then immediately after the car will advise an alternative route - a pop-up window will appear on the 17-inch panel. Accordingly, a route to unfamiliar places is now also going considering traffic information.

Night mode energy efficiency and the possibility of remote connection from your smartphone, so that the car does not return from sleep mode.

Starting the car with your smartphone. If the driver forgot Car Keychain ("ignition"), you can now turn on the machine, enter the password in a mobile application.

Diary: diary of planned activities on the smartphone screen is displayed on the car. If you specify a location on your smartphone activities, there is no need to re-enter the coordinates to the navigation system.

Adjusting the air suspension on the memory of past actions of the driver on a particular stretch of road (by coordinates). The function is relevant for those vehicles that are equipped with, in fact, this mechanism. For example, if the driver each time the entrance to the house increased the clearance of the car to overcome the obstacle, the Model S will now do this automatically.

P.S. It's nice that modern cars are updated as the program on the computer. Machine with some basic firmware upgrade in a few years can gradually upgrade to business class car (just kidding).



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