"How much can you carry?". Florian de Lasse

Traveling to countries in Africa and the Middle East, I constantly saw people who, like ants, dragging on zagorbke whole mountain of things, cans, with crop fields. Sometimes they slope of the weight back, proudly bear himself, holding a hand basket on her head, balance, daily home or transferring to market things.

Anga, Indonesia

Alexis Rwanda

Aru, Ethiopia

Bigava, Nepal

I created this report to understand itself and to show others how much you can carry on themselves. It is a challenge to Western society, the world of consumption. Such a sharp contrast, I did not see at all never and nowhere.

Jean-Claude, Bolivia

Kasim, Ethiopia

Putri Indonesia

Ed Basant, Indonesia

The project "How much can you carry?" - Photo story about the difficulties of life full of people in the emerging economies. The key to happiness here - smiles and laughter, and they have nothing more to console themselves: they work all the time and something to wear here and there.

Sarah and NIFA, Bolivia

Celia, Bolivia

Suman, Bolivia

Sumiko, Bolivia

This project you can take on two levels. The first - a straightforward message. It's just a difference: who and what can carry themselves physically. A second hidden message: each carries his cross (family, social, life). And everyone copes with it differently. How much can you carry?

Tamra, Ethiopia

Ter, Nepal

Hayat, Bolivia

Florian works in Paris, on his website puts projects and works. Fairly well-known specialist in France, which are quoted including the United States (some work has been exhibited at shows in New York).


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