Unusual sunglasses from the last century

First on the part of innovation in those years was a French fashion designer Pierre Cardin Italian origin (Pierre Cardin), whose experiments with forms were sometimes the most unexpected results. By themselves, his glasses were very interesting, but in relation to a person, they were for the most part little complementary. However, Cardin could not keep repeating that the clothes (I think that the "clothing" for the eyes), which he prefers to create - is clothing for life, which has not yet begun, the clothes of the day tomorrow.

Those who are critical of the innovation on the part of fashion (the nucleus of the target audience consisted mainly of men who have management activities at various levels), in the 1970s continued to be faithful to the traditions and preferred glasses wearing heavy rims mostly rectangular, which continued in the seventies to be one of the most popular.

Despite the fact that the fashion of the 1970s in general distinguishes democratic nature, universal love toward the brand was born, among other things, also in this decade. A riotous color it flourished in the 1980s. It was at this time a large number of collections of frames and sunglasses, bearing the names of famous fashion designers, fashion houses, jewelry brands.

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