Small and scary

French wildlife photographer Jerome Gyullamo (Jerome Guillaumot) photographed in the photo and video very funny scene in the Masai Mara Reserve in southwestern Kenya.

He first noticed in the grass four young lions, and then the object of their attention, small marsh mongoose. Photographer already decided that there is life at the last minute crumbs mongoose, but it was not so.

Once in the environment, mongoose began to shout loudly and throw to the lions, fangs bared. In principle, such a tactic for him familiar with dangerous situations, but here the enemy was many times larger and because the mongoose was indeed very brave.

Moreover, it is not just yelled and rushed, he also managed to snatch one of the lions of the nose, the most sensitive spot of all the cat! A Lions in response to a ridiculous fended forepaws yes jumps in surprise from a strange "victims».

Eventually mongoose managed safely escape from the lions. For all his courage, he was undoubtedly lucky, they were still very inexperienced lions cubs essentially adolescents and mongoose was for them primarily as an unusual toy, but not breakfast.


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