Probably the easiest way to overcome stress toward the goal

Have you ever faced a situation when putting itself a purpose, if you are rested on the invisible wall, unable to take a step towards her? When not enough just to set ourselves the task - but we must also learn to live with it. Many people set goals publicly, to burn bridges and deny myself of weakness - it is built on the idea of ​​ project SmartProgress . But it does not work, if the motivation is wrapped pressure determination - stress, and as a result includes protective mechanisms of the psyche, which are expressed in the fact that a person falls into a stupor, and the larger the target, the greater the pressure, the harder it is to move even a finger. However, even in the mind games you can win.

[Something like disclaimer] Len - man's best friend. I think that laziness - it is a protective mechanism of the mind, understood by all. I know a lot of great programmers who sincerely consider themselves lazy people - and thus are able to code figachit night long. In fact, laziness and procrastination - signals an internal disagreement with the objectives. But if the target is too tempting - they can try to get around. In the end, the voice of the subconscious - it is only the voice of instinct inherent in man at a time when life was much simpler and more linear.

Life hacking, I want to share is based on a simple principle: if you can not change the situation - change the attitude towards it. The best way to overcome the pressure of stress - to cease to perceive it as pressure.

Peremarkiruyte their negative emotions to better endure the pressure of h5> Take a deep breath and try to identify the emotions that you are experiencing. Select them and try to look at them from the other side, not as an obstacle but as an opportunity. Not as a stopper, and as a support. With the majority of emotions this is done quite easily, examples of emotion-Changeling pretty obvious:

Fear - & gt; Waiting Frustration - & gt; Desire Anxiety - & gt; Responsibility Indecision - & gt; Caution The excitement - & gt; Enthusiasm Alertness - & gt; Curiosity Coercion - & gt; Courtesy your feelings without pills, probably impossible. But decide what they mean to you - in the will of man. You change your attitude to the fact that feel:

instead of being afraid of the presentation - you are looking forward to it;

you hate your job, just aim for the best;

you're not overwhelmed with other people's problems and helping people. And so on. I>

This simple adjustment of the brain switches from the panic mode in search mode output, and allows you to act constructively.

I see a vision of the situation i>

From my own experience I can say that the reconstructed should be easy: it is enough to remember a time that is negative emotion - the name of her good twin brother - as the brain will continue to have it automatically remind every time its owner found himself such feelings.

If you just did not work - re-read the article a week or two, then it should definitely be remembered.

based on Article Relabel Your Negative Emotions to Better Handle Pressure i>



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