Animals that are better than you

A selection of photos of world celebrities pets: on the one hand, there is no shortage of animals in the care of the host, but on the other - sometimes famous owners literally torturing small animals caress and "Sweet Life". It turns a double edged sword.

The star of the series "Charmed" Kaley Cuoco many pets: three dogs, a cat and a horse. All live freely: dogs, for example, are allowed to swim in the master pool.

Singer Mariah Carey is not sorry no money to entertain their dogs. And they neither more nor less than seven! This summer, the star spent about 200 thousand dollars for the organization of rest of the gang. Most of the amount of 175 thousand, went to pay for charter flights from the US to the UK, even 25 thousand worth accommodation in luxury hotel for dogs The Paw Seasons in Bristol.

For dwarf pig Nora, the owner of which is the singer Miley Cyrus, flying private aircraft - a usual thing.

Other pets Miley Cyrus, Sheltie dog breed is also good live: dog basking in the hot tub with the hostess.

The French Bulldog Achsa is all because her owner - great and terrible Lady Gaga. Singer literally choking dog love, carries with him on tour and dress up like a doll. Pages stars in social networks filled Achsa images. One of them was the cause of the anger many subscribers Gaga: paws, ears and neck adorned with massive dog jewelry with rhinestones. Photos and raised questions among representatives of PETA. Those subscribers who are most bothered pictures Achsa, were made from them are pretty witty fotozhaby. Usually sarcastic collages dog begs for help.

This paw pitomitsy Lady Gaga, Achsa: we have a dog watches from Gucci.

Cat named Berry belonging top model Heidi Klum, stood by private jet interior. The point is habitual.

Meridit cat singer Taylor Swift, enjoying all the benefits of stardom mistress.

Shupett cat designer Karl Lagerfeld - perhaps the most pampered creature in the world. Genesis Shupett - a luxury food and clothing, shooting for magazines, three personal maids, iPad instead of toys and flying on a private jet with the owner. About burmese even wrote a book called "Shupett: personal life fashion cat-flight." Lagerfeld worships in zhivotinku soul, created in her honor fashion collection and is now set to release as an homage Shupett collection of cosmetics.

This rabbit top model Cara Delevin, her name is Cecile. She just loves pitomitsy, but in her own words, did not expect that caring for small animals takes so much energy. So that the model has hired a nanny for Long-eared friend. Now Kara is only concerned with pleasing duty. For example, leads Cecil account in Instagram: rabbit looking on the web under the namececildelevingne, it has more than 108,000 fans.

Dog Chihuahua named Tinkerbell - Paris Hilton's favorite. All in all, her house lives 17 dogs of small breeds, mostly - Chihuahua and Pomeranian dwarf. Angry that a commercially available clothing for her pets luxurious enough, Hilton released a fashion collection for dogs, which included and jewelry. When I have time. socialite pets claws color varnish (pictured dog just "choose" the right shade).

Designer Victoria Beckham can not allow her family looked unfashionable. It makes pets - bulldog named Coco - manicure for animals.


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