Until the end, China will launch to the moon orbiter returned

And a little more space for today. The fact is that at the Xichang launch site in Sichuan was today delivered an experimental apparatus that will have to enter the orbit of the moon, and then return to Earth.

This unit - one of the stages of the project to establish the return of lunar probe. Such a probe, according to the project, will be dropped from the orbiter (unmanned) on the lunar surface, soil sampling, and go way back to Earth.

For testing all technologies required for the project and was created by the current experimental apparatus. It must run to the moon before the end of the year. Who will be carried out at the Baikonur planned inspection and testing of all systems. To get away from the orbit of the moon and return to Earth, the unit will need to pick up speed in the 11, 2 kilometers per second.

Transportation probe at Baikonur. I>

As for the final phase of the mission, its purpose - shipping samples of lunar soil to Earth in 2017. This mission vozglagaetsya modules "Chang'e-5" and "Chang'e-6".

Later, in 2020, China plans to build lunar space station, which will serve as an intermediary for the delivery man to the moon. And by 2030, the Chinese are planning to send a recovery vehicle to Mars, with the task to select the Martian soil and deliver it to Earth.

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