The history of my toys

It was the favorite toy of my childhood, I donated a neighbor on the landing.

Now, I do not remember why he gave it to me, but first came to me with her, and we arranged an artillery battle with the Nazis.

It was built out of blocks, and the materials at hand (preferably not heavy: boxes of cartridges, empty cigarette packs, which have been able to exchange or leave to his collection, matchboxes ...) fortress and exposed position of the advancing enemy - soldiers of all possible colors! < br />

Soldiers were mainly Vikings, Indians of different parties and ordinary infantrymen. But once the firing pin has broken, it was made of plastic. My father was very angry at me, because I broke another thing. Even by accident. One day he brought a copy of the broken parts of the plant, but from metal and come with me to the neighbor to apologize for the damage.

Even now, though with difficulty, the striker succumbed and went back. The neighbor was upset and said that he had long wanted to give me that gun.

To make even dell'arte and shells, but we have already managed to lose all. But the lack of them did not experience any much - soon all pencils in the flat steel 4 cm long. And they became a lot.

Range of flight of the projectile was only about a half meters, but for us it was a great distance. And we ourselves were the last remaining calculation, to resist the onslaught of the fascist troops.

But after 30 years of "projectile" barely fell out of the barrel only centimeters 25. And the Nazis, not the toy, and most of these did not become less ...

That's all. Peace to your home and thank you for your attention.




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