Transfagarash. Beautiful and dangerous

Describe the types that open around just silly. This is exactly the case when it is better to see once. Alpine lakes and waterfalls, incredible streamers, menacing rocks and pink mountains, one of the largest dams in the world - there is something to see. For me personally, the most important discovery was the Transfagarash this year. The trip was a lot, but this place has left the most vivid impressions. Photos, impressions and useful information - in my reportage.
The road goes through the Fagaras mountain range. The maximum height at which the highway passes - 2,034 meters. This is only thirty meters below Goverly. The mountains around - and a half times higher than Ukrainian.

To begin with, according to tradition, the history of two paragraphs. Road from Wallachia to Transylvania decided to build the legendary Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Transfagarash soldiers built four years, from 1970 to 1974. The route planned to use for military purposes. Ostensibly Ceausescu frightened invasion Chehovlovakiyu in 1968 and decided to get detours. Type of road was needed to transport troops across the Carpathians. It seems strange is the purpose of this road. I can not even imagine tanks on a narrow serpentine. In the version that Transfagarash built for the development of tourist attraction in Romania, I believe more.

If you look closely, you can see the road and a small tunnel. No no strikers. Just behind the fringes - interruption.

White stripe - Balea waterfall. Soon we podedem to it.

To pave the way had to blow up part of the surrounding mountains. Wikipedia says that it took six thousand tons of dynamite. No casualties has not been, during the construction of the road, killing nearly 40 people.

Types of around chic, but to stop and enjoy them, you can not everywhere. The road is narrow, shoulder, where you can park, is rare.

Top can be reached not only on the track, but also on the cable car. Pleasure is not for the faint of heart.

Transfagarash among the ten most dangerous roads in the world. The track is open only two months a year - in July and August. At other times, fares fence with concrete blocks, except that you can squeeze a motorcycle - at your own risk.

Transfagarash considered the most beautiful road in Europe and one of the most picturesque in the world. Only a hundred miles - from the northern to the southern slopes of the Carpathians.

On the highway, especially not overclocking. Faster than 50 km / h to drive will not work. Actually all the way the light stops takes about four hours.

In 2009 on this route leading sports cars tested program Top Gear. With a light hand of Jeremy Clarkson Transfagarash began to call for the best way to drive sports cars. Xs Well, to be honest.

The most beautiful part - the first 30 miles, if you go from north to south. The pass road is almost entirely composed of serpentine and constantly rising.

Stunningly beautiful views. Multi-colored mountains.

Balea Waterfall. It flows from the very top, and several times the route passes right by the water.

On the pass there is an incredibly sweet mountain lake. Well, just like the picture. Called, like a waterfall - Balea. I wonder how to translate - Google has not helped. Around the lake built a tourist complex - hotels, souvenirs, homemade cheeses and meats. I am pleased to have lived a couple of days in this otelchike.

Perhaps this is the main natural attraction Transfagarasha. After the mountains themselves, of course))

This - the highest point of the road, a little more than 2000 meters. Outside the window, July and + 25 ° C, but the snowfields to the end and did not melt.

Fog creeps. There is a common phenomenon and often dense haze hides all beauty. But we were lucky.

After pass the remaining two thirds of the way (another 70 miles) down the road slowly.

Another waterfall.

At each meadow grazing huge flocks. Had never seen so many sheep. They really everywhere here.

The most picturesque point after the pass - the lake and the dam Vydraru. The route goes right through it. The construction of a grandiose. Built it in 1966. This is the ninth-largest dam in the world and fifth in Europe. Height - 166 meters. Without wide angle hard :)

Upstairs, next to the apocalyptic robot Energy, is an observation deck. Unfortunately, there was no time to climb.

Lake Vydraru. Rocky shores, clean Vodicka, colorful boats. Beauty and only.

But something still gives the socialist camp))

Dive into the tunnel and heading back towards Brasov, to the castle of Dracula.

For four hours, we drove through the Carpathians. The slopes on the south side.



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